Tefo’s Confession: The Secrets Behind Pitching, Buying and Selling for Entrepreneurs

Lately I have been going back to watching The Apprentice all over again. Just last week I watched an episode where both teams were tasked to come up with a TV commercial for a moisturizing shower cream and the results were appalling to say the least and the team acted as though none of them had any idea what the product was or how it works.

And it got me thinking that advertising can make or break the product it is trying to promote. When promoting a mass-market product, one has to understand that these ads will be placed on family timeslots and therefore the ad has to be age appropriate and importantly tell the consumer what it has to offer and why it is good for their household. A misrepresentation of a product and offensive advertising of it will tarnish the reputation and even drive away the loyal consumers of the product.

First off it would have been a lot easier had they hired a model to take a shower using the product and feeling refreshed and relaxed thereafter, and if they wanted an outdoor ad, have them apply the product and set off the sprinklers on them (not the best of idea, but at least the idea is depicts is that the product has to be washed off), simple as that. That is somehow close to the correct representation.

But to have an athlete apply it to their face in the middle of the race and continue on running to finish 1st tells no message or depicts what exactly the product does and its highly disgusting and disturbing.

One wonders though, what are the best ways to market the mass-market products and producing advertisements that are age appropriate and reach out to the entire family structure; especially baring in mind that families have their own cultures and we tend to continue using the same brands we grew up using.

So if you are trying to attract them to start using your product it has to be more appealing and even worth them leaving the very products they have been using and loyal to for years and actually trust that your product will start another family common-preference.

The key idea to achieving this is;


You may come up with the cheapest and silliest commercial, but if it depicts the right information about the product that would induce the interest of the consumers then it is simply a good commercial.

I read an article on mass-market product advertising by a writer named Ron and this is what he had to say;

“Know the key elements that the buyers look for when they are making a decision. I got the buyer’s attention and showed them the value of these products. I also let them know that I knew what they were looking for and that I had done my homework. Essentially, by doing my homework before the meeting, I was saying to the buyer, “I respect you and your position and have taken the time to prepare myself beforehand so that I don’t waste your valuable time or mine. It’s not rocket science.

It’s something that you can learn and do on your own. The truth is that most buyers make their decisions about whether or not to take on a new vendor in the first three to four minutes of the meeting. If you haven’t captured their attention by then and shown them that you mean business, you might as well pack it up and head home.””

A lot of times consumers are going to buy a product not because its cheap, but they look at what it has to offer them that other products can’t and if it will give them value for their money. Most often they will even overlook the hefty price tag if they feel strongly about the product.

The marketer has to first off know the product they are marketing and its benefits to the consumers. Even though it’s a mass-market product; there should be a specific group they are targeting it to, and in the case of a shower foam my best bet is the wives and mothers who are the ultimate decision makers of the household shopping priorities. Target the ad at impressing them and you can bet the entire household and extended relatives will be using your product by the end of the year.

Never, however though, under-estimate the buying power of kids. Although they are not the primary decision makers, but they can have some influence in getting the primary decision makers to your products and indirectly influencing them to buy it, depending on what you have to offer.

A lot of entrepreneurs and manufacturers under-estimate the power of marketing. They feel that they have the best products and that automatically they will be a hit. Poor marketing eventually drives the business down the drain. While on the other hand, a not-so-good product has one of the best marketing teams on board and this product does wonders on the market and excel far better that products that are way better than it is.

It is how the business world works and why the advertising industry is such a booming investment opportunity; although almost saturated. Invest in a good marketing team and you are set to go.