TEDxKualaLumpur – June 3rd, PNP Gardens

Update: The 3rd TEDxKL will be happening on 20th of August 2011.
Details are as our site at www.tedxkl.com

Update: The second TEDxKL will be on 27 March. visit www.tedxkl.com for details.


TEDxKualaLumpur is closed for registration. Notification via email for the 1st 100.

TEDxKualaLumpur has confirmed its venue at Plug and Play on the 3rd
June from 3pm-6pm

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED

For those who do not know what TED is visit http://www.TED.com and be
awed with some of the most inspiring talks in the world.
We are looking for a few remarkable speakers to fill in 4 slots for
the First TEDxKualaLumpur

As with each TED talk the max time permit is 18 minutes.
Do let me know as soon as possible if you are available and spread the word.
Email to thamkengyew[at]gmail.com

Info on TEDxKualaLumpur
Location : Plug and Play Technology Garden
Time :3pm-6pm
Fee : FREE
Format: 6 talks by invited speakers and 3 video presentation of TED

20 thoughts on “TEDxKualaLumpur – June 3rd, PNP Gardens”

  1. This is a Malaysian pirated version of TED. This isn't TED but TEDx.

    I would rather hope the organizers change the logo or something until they have an official approval. Even the tagline is stolen. It feels depressing like Malaysia ruining another cool international thing and by doing this it shows like we are the stupid little kids desperately trying to get into the international Internet crowd. And that's what we'll always be if we keep doing this.

  2. Hi – i know it's short notice but if you have any space left for this TEDxKL, i would love to attend. If it's not possible at this time, please include me for next year.


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