TEDxKlangValley 14th May 2011

TEDxKlangValley is all about ethics, common sense or rationality. All packed in one event that will bring together inspiring individuals to share their stories on these interesting topics.The one-day TEDx conference will highlight various aspects of ethics and social responsibility and the work being done to shift Malaysia towards a more socially-ethical nation. TEDxKlangValley “Back to Basics” is hosted by My Khatulistiwa Sdn Bhd, a green CSR company in Malaysia in-collaboration with the folks at Entrepreneurs.my and brought to you exclusively by DIGI Malaysia.

The focus of TEDxKlang will be how people can be more responsible to their earth and their own being. Held in Digi Centre, Lot 10, Jalan Delima 1/1, Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park, 40000 Shah Alam, we have gathered a whole lot of interesting presenters that will not only inspire but to provoke your thought with ideas to save the world. Well, maybe do your part.

TICKETS can be purchased online here:  https://www.flickevents.com/tedxklangvalley-2011

Some of the speakers include:

Ellynita Lamin
From her AYA profile it states

Ellynita is a social entrepreneur of Azhaire Sdn Bhd, a business entity that is currently running an entrepreneurship-driven pilot programme that allows 4 people from Aceh to pursue paper-making skills in Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. This social enterprise was birthed from Ellynitas trip to Banda Aceh after the tsunami crisis in 2004-2005. She had the heart to serve the people of Aceh and underwent difficulties such as being held at gun-point by authorities who questioned her motives there as she was not an Indonesian. That incident caused her to reflect on her life and the bigger picture at hand.

Maznah Mohd Yusof
Maznah is one of the rare. A person with the compassion for dogs and yet she is a practicing Muslim women. Find out how she learn balance between this seemingly two conflicting part of her life. You can read more about her here.



Speakers & Topics

  • Gurmit Singh – Environment, Your Friend
  • Kalanga Joffres – Build Products in One Weekend
  • Ellyne Lamin – Peace Pays
  • Dato’ Praba – Can IT be Green?
  • Liyana Fizi – Music, My Soul
  • Gurunathan Nagappan – Be Inspirational. Become Influential
  • Girl Effect – Awareness Performance
  • Chetz Yusuf – Being Different
  • Nur Hamurcu – The Power of Connection

Registration is open https://www.flickevents.com/tedxklangvalley-2011
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