Technopreneurs Go For Broke

It has been a long time coming but there is finally a book that protrays the local heroes in the technology scenes. It took over 10 months for Oon Yeoh and the folks at Technopreneurs Association Malaysia (TeAM) to come out with the book “Go For Broke”

What with the title you might ask? According to TeAM President Stephen Chia and also one of the technopreneur featured in the book. “That you have find out from reading the book.”

Apparently it was mention by one of the technopreneurs that they don’t really have any safety net and basically they were going for broke. The name just stuck since then.

Oon mention in his speech, that one of the reason why he is so attracted to this project is the chance to promote local hereos as that really will inspire the next generations to take the chance.

“Local heroes are crucial as it inspire people around.”   

The book covers a wide variety of technopreneurs such as Chris Chan of TMS, William Du, Ganesh of M.O.L. Access Portal and the always vocal Harres Tan. One thing which is noted, most of these “technopreneurs” are not from the tech background. (Eg. Chris Chan has a degree in Music. ) They all believed in the vision of thhe MSC and thus decided to leave their comfort zone and venture into what was back then the total unknown.

This book is supported both by the Multimedia Development Corperation and Cradle Investment Program. It is now available all major bookstalls. 

4 thoughts on “Technopreneurs Go For Broke”

  1. Hi, I was really looking forward to the book. Went to get it at MPH in Bangsar Village. Got it. Read it. Read it again. And again. And still couldn’t believe that after ’10 months of sweat’ in coming up with the book which has been ‘endorsed’ by many powerful agencies and people…that it has been so very poorly edited and sub-edited.

    Couldn’t the people behind this very important piece of reading (or so I thought), have spent some time in ensuring that the content was: –

    1. Free of bad grammar
    2. Typos
    3. Tame and Monotonous language with no attempt at any cretivity

    This is supposed to be literature that should have made good reading for ICT and non ICT people and audiences.

    It should be reaching out to potential entrepreneurs (tech or otherwise)…but instead it’s a big let down.

    Let’s hope that the next one is done more creatively so that we in the ICT sector can be proud of our industry!

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