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Technopreneur Open Day- Show Me The Money


We have been receiving many requests to attend this talk since the event is uploaded on both sites. Priority is given to companies based at the SME Tech Centre, TPM and Cradle recipients due to our venue constraint. As we have capped budget, unfortunately we will need to charge a nominal fee of RM50 to companies beside those listed above. Invitees will be excluded from this fee.


Cyberview, Technology Park Malaysia and Cradle together are flying two prolific investors for the technopreneur open day to share with you in ““What Goes on in a VC’s Head: Find out their Assessing Maths!”. These two investor are in the form of Vinnie Lauria from Silicon Valley and Jeffrey Paine who is with Founders Institute Singapore. Both of them are partners in based in Singapore which vision is to bring local startups to Silicon Valley.

Event Details

16 May 2012 (Wednesday)
1:30pm – 6:30pm
Cyberjaya Club House

To register, call or email: Hetty 03-8315 6109 [email protected]

Jeffrey Paine, is the co-founder of Battle Ventures, a technology studio/incubator based in Singapore
with a portfolio across Asia. Jeff started and manages the Founder Institute in Asia where he is
currently overseeing its expansion in the region. Since 2010 the Founder Institute has graduated
over 40 companies in Asia.

Vinnie Lauria is the Founding Partner at Golden Gate Ventures and Mentor at The Founder Institute Vinnie co-founded Lefora(acquired by CrowdGather, Inc.), a forum hosting service for over 100,000 communities on the web. Vinnie also started the SiliconValley NewTech meetup in 2006, critiquing and reviewing hundreds of startups. Vinnie has spent the past year mentoring startups in Singapore and across Southeast Asia, working with i/o ventures, the Founder Institute, and JFDI.

1.30 pm Registration
2.00 pm Coach and Grow Programme
by Cradle Fund
2.30 pm Business Start-up Fund & Business
Growth Fund
3.00 pm MDV-MSC Malaysia SMEICTA
by MDV Berhad
3.30 pm Forum on “What Goes on in a VC’s
Head: Find out their Assessing Maths!”
5.00 pm Networking Cocktail
One-to-one advisory sessions:
 Cradle
 SME Corp. Malaysia
 Plug n Play, PKNS