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This Week in Asia (TWIA) Episode 109 Suggest A Startup Idea to the Samwer Brothers to Clone

This week on TWIA, we are joined by NTT of Tech65 and YongFook of Digital Smartypants as we discuss

Angel Gate’s is bad for the startup ecosystem,
Silicon Straits
-So many Incubators in SingaporeSpecialize or Die
Block in Weibo
Rocket internet. Good or bad

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Start Up Entrepreneur or Franchise Business in Asia

To be a Start Up entrepreneur seems to be a trend nowadays especially with many aspiring young entrepreneurs. With the success stories of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook or the recently successful, Groupon, it is no wonder that the obvious choice for all entrepreneurs would be to found multi-billion dollar enterprise from ground up. However, we cannot rule out how franchises like McDonalds, Subway or even Asian brands like Cha-Time (Taiwan Bubble tea franchise) and Old Town Kopitiam (Malaysian Ipoh coffee) have managed to spur another round of success across Asia through franchises.
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3 Must Watch Videos of Steve Jobs from Apple as The Entrepreneur that the World had Missed

For this weekend, where our readers have more time to spend on their I-Phones and for being online, we are dedicating 3 Must Watch videos of Steve Jobs from Apple, to re-tell his story as The Entrepreneur whom everyone came to admire around the world. From co-founding a company that would revolutionized our lifestyle, to being ousted by his own company, to making a triumphant comeback; People may have heard of the success of Apple under Steve Job’s leadership, but here is a look at 3 videos which would details Mr. Jobs’ other prior endeavours before his return to Apple.

For every entrepreneur, Ups and Downs, Successes and Challenges are common place. From our many interviews in the past with Entrepreneurs in Asia, we too found that, from each dollar that these entrepreneurs are making, they had once faced challenges both running a business and from their internal running of their operations, in order to build the successful ventures that they see today.

The same goes for Steve Jobs and we hope you would enjoy and share these 3 selected videos which re-tells the story of Steve Jobs.

1) 1980s – Steve Job’s Rare interview on Apple’s earliest days

2) 1990s – After being ousted from Apple, Steve Jobs founded NeXT to be the revolutionary company that he had envisioned for Apple

3) 1996 – Steve Jobs being interviewed by the Wall Street Journal before his eventual return to Apple


Using Your Nexus S for Co-working

You been down the road before. Either using your laptop in a cafe or ipad in a restaurant, co-working out of office seem to be a trend among savvy road warriors. Most places around Malaysia would have the 2 major criteria for your mobile office, power supply and wireless internet. However there could be some places where Internet may be hard to come by.
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Nexus S impression with Nazroll of Code Android

Recently we caught up with Nazroll of CodeAndroid Malaysia to talk a bit about the Nexus S and Nexus One and what sort of impression that the phone has over a season Android user and developer. Nazroll and his team at CodeAndroid Malaysia have been involved in created apps such as KLTraffic Camera, some Android app version of Malaysia’s leading newspaper, Malaysia Cab guide, Plus Tol Calculator and also the mobile web version of OfficeKami.
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This Week in Asia Episode 86 : Blackberry Playbook in the wild

TWiA-logoThis recording was done before the Japanese Tsunami and our prayers goes out to all our friends in Japan and wherever effected. This week, we are gathered coffee shops and cafe as we discuss the following.

How Asia Startups Can’t Compete yet Globally
Launch of GreyAttic Incubator
Blackberry Playbook
Amazon set up AWS servers in Japan. Second after Singapore in Asia.
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