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Talk to Inspire: Taking a Dive into the Business of Helping Others

The ‘Talk to Inspire’ Series in collaboration with Entrepreneurs.my and Inspire.fm, aims to highlight the Achievements, Successes (Challenges) and Stories of ‘Unconventional’ Entrepreneurs and Corporate Figures who have dedicated their lives in making an impact to others. Tips, Strategies and Valuable Life Lessons will be shared through this interactive Audio Podcast, presented by our partner at Inspire.fm.

Sink to Swim in 12 hours


In this episode, Yeap Eu Juan or fondly known as “EJ” from SwimIn12.com, tells us how he taught himself to swim and took a splash (pun intended) into the world of business with his simple yet profound business model of “Reaching to people who want to learn swimming – just for fun!”

Swim Entrepreneur

The Men in Green seek to find out the truth on how EJ works his magic to help people with hydrophobia overcome their fears of water to using his techniques to improve one’s brain function – all in 12 hours!

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EJ also share his view on the future of the swimming business and how you too, can dive into the world of entrepreneurship and make your own impact with your passions.


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