Talk to Inspire: Learning the Rare Stones Business

The ‘Talk to Inspire’ Series in collaboration with NextUpAsia.com and Inspire.fm, aims to highlight the Achievements, Successes (Challenges) and Stories of ‘Unconventional’ Entrepreneurs and Corporate Figures who have dedicated their lives in making an impact to others. Tips, Strategies and Valuable Life Lessons will be shared through this interactive Audio Podcast, presented by our partner at Inspire.fm.

Unique Band of the Perfect Strangers


Wedding bands come in pairs as it represents the solemn union of two strangers deeply in love and bringing with them unique culture of two worlds who may never meet if not for that magical encounter, sparking a beautiful fairly tale. This sacred promise of life and regeneration is all captured in this twin rings of precious metals and rare stones.


Business wise, the journey of entrepreneurship could sounds exactly the same with a descendant of goldsmith and a disciple of marketing. More than just RINGing the bell, these two students of life RING the wedding bell instead with the Unique Wedding Bands.

In fiction, it’s ‘When Harry Meet Sally’; in real life, this is the never ending story of ‘When Wendy Meet Chai Li’!


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