Talk to Inspire: Changing the E-commerce Business Environment

The ‘Talk to Inspire’ Series in collaboration with and, aims to highlight the Achievements, Successes (Challenges) and Stories of ‘Unconventional’ Entrepreneurs and Corporate Figures who have dedicated their lives in making an impact to others. Tips, Strategies and Valuable Life Lessons will be shared through this interactive Audio Podcast, presented by our partner at This series is about Shaping the E-commerce Sphere.

Growing up in an era where internet is at its infancy with the annoying dial up buzzing, he told himself his future is in e-commerce. From the north, he moved to the south for his information technology degree before taking up a challenge in the metropolitan to start an unprecedented online sales channel for an established brand of air conditioner. The chance to be mentored by the founder himself called out the entrepreneur in Adrian Oh.

The project eventually proved to be too far ahead of its time then, and it planted the seed for Adrian’s growing interest in e-commerce. He started Neowave and introduced Webshaper to assist aspiring entrepreneurs to build their on-line presence. The rest as they said is history for Adrian is now a guru in e-commerce and doing what he love best.


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