Joel Neoh

Talk to Inspire: Between Groupon Malaysia and the Young Entrepreneur Founder

The ‘Talk to Inspire’ Series in collaboration with and, aims to highlight the Achievements, Successes (Challenges) and Stories of ‘Unconventional’ Entrepreneurs and Corporate Figures who have dedicated their lives in making an impact to others. Tips, Strategies and Valuable Life Lessons will be shared through this interactive Audio Podcast, presented by our partner at This series is about Groupon and Me.

Our radars at the Men In Green headquarters detected a very strong presence of extra-preneurship and we brought none other than the founder of Groupon Malaysia and co-founder of Youth Asia, Joel Neoh.

Joel Neoh

He requires almost no introduction (unless you’ve not seen his Wikipedia write up and on the cover of Men’s Health) yet it would be noteworthy to mention some of his achievements such as hitting his first million ringgit business venture at the ripe age of 20 while still in university and recently named among the “Men of the Year” in August Man magazine.

We drill Joel on his take on what makes Groupon tick and what lies ahead. He tells us about not being your own bottleneck, how he got the buy-in from those close to him towards business and to “Stay Curious”. (familiar, no?!) Join the Men-in-Green and step into the shoes of one of Malaysia’s young and globe-trotting entrepreneur!

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