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Talent WAR within Startup

The recent regulations tightening of foreign employment in Singapore adds on another “blow” to startups. There is already an existing long running problem in the Talent quench in all organisations be it MNCs, Banks, Telco and others. With Singapore currently enjoying the lowest unemployment at 1.8% for Q4 in 2012, this simply shows that Startup hire will continue to be a “painful”  process moving forward.

Start-ups need talent! They need talents who can come together to build a good product/platform and drive the business further. In order to hire an elite pioneer team for them to grow and accelerate, founders tend to hire one who isn’t afraid of pioneering with a certain element of pro-risk factor, far-sighted to see the long-term growth and benefit, goal-oriented, driven and ready to “roll up the sleeves” to get whatever tasks done.

Startup hire will be a challenging and uphill task; with many talents within Asia still having preference for main stream jobs due to the salary, benefits and job stability.
Startup Jobs Asia foresees that “Talent War within Startups” will break out if Talents still have resistance to join Statups and also the recent tightening of regulation for foreign employment. After all, Founders can’t do all jobs by themselves alone.

We have seen how competitive Corporate Companies are at attracting, poaching and enticing talents from their competitors over due to the talent quench. Startup hiring may eventually come to this stage where they have to entice their startup competitors’ talent over if Startup hire continues to be a “pain”.

Startup Jobs Asia helps to attract talents and fresh graduates to “open” their mindset of joining startups and what can they gained. We recently spin off an initiative, “Startup Bus” where we organise journeys for graduating students to visit Startup companies where Co-Founder will share their experiences working in Startup. Helping to “Sexify” jobs within Startup and continue to engage and link up Talents/Graduates with Startup companies will be a long process and we will continue to work on it and seeking for new initiatives.