Student Entrepreneurs Launch App to Provide a Free Way to Raise Money for Charity

The student or youth entrepreneurship environment is growing in Malaysia, but nonetheless, where there are breakthroughs created by student entrepreneurs abroad, we should take note. Student entrepreneurs have developed an application to provide alternative methods which are Free for users to Raise Money for Charities and charitable causes while downloading their applications.

Apps for Action is a new app that allows users to discover free apps that fit their interests while raising money for the causes that they care about. When a user downloads and opens the Apps for Action app, they first select a charity that they want to support. They are then recommended 5 free apps that they might like and for each one that they download, 25 cents is donated to that charity.

Apps for Action, which was created by students at Pomona College in Southern California, went live in the Android market yesterday and they are currently developing an iPhone app. Co-founder and CEO Cuy Sheffield believes that it will be able to help charities take advantage of the passion and energy of their supporters, while helping app developers connect to users who would like their app.

People spend a lot of time downloading free apps and playing games on their phones, so why not help raise money for a great charity at the same time?  Currently, several of Zynga’s top free games are available through the Apps for Action app with 25 cents going to a charity for each download. Apps for Action is ready to help any non-profit that wants to give their supporters a fun and free way to raise money for them.

The founder, Cuy Sheffield was in direct contact with with our site being one of the first to release the information of his new venture in the ASEAN region. He welcomes all Malaysian and ASEAN readers alike to visit the website and give the app a try, while raising funds and some needed awareness for charity.

Check out Apps for Action at:


Special Thanks to Our Guest Contributor this week; Cuy Sheffield, Founder of Apps for Action. We are excited to see this app hitting the Asian consumers and raising more awareness and responsible action for charities.

Cuy Sheffield is a student entrepreneur studying sociology at Pomona College in Claremont, California. He is the co-founder and CEO of Apps for Action, LLC which is a mobile application company that gives users a fun and free way to raise money for charities by downloading recommended free apps. His passion for entrepreneurship has led him to become an executive fellow of the Kairos Society which is a selective group of student entrepreneurs across the world.