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Startup Street To Place Top Students To Top Malaysian Startups

Startup Street’s mission it to facilitate the development of the Malaysian startup ecosystem by promoting entrepreneurship and innovation through engaging Gen-Y. Their vision is to see a Malaysia compete on an international level with the likes of other hot startup ecosystems like Silicon Valley.

Anecdotally, the entrepreneurial mindset and culture is still somewhat foreign among Malaysia’s youth. Most of the youth have been taught from young to study hard in order to get a high salaried job. Little thought or consideration is given to entrepreneurship as a career pathway. This is due to perceptions of entrepreneurship as being too risky, not rewarding or too intellectually intensive. These are perceptions that Startup Street aims to change, particularly amongst Malaysia’s youth.

Startup Street’s inaugural initiative, the Accelerated Entrepreneurs (ACE) program, is their first attempt at tackling the lack of awareness and biased perceptions surrounding entrepreneurship. It is an intensive 10-week program in which ACEs (selected youth participants) will work with some of Malaysia’s sexiest startups to experience entrepreneurship firsthand.

ACEs will get the opportunity to participate some great opportunities to meet with and talk to some key personalities within the Malaysian startup scene through a series of 6 exclusive ACE Hangout Sessions. Some of the mentors and speakers who believe in Startup Street’s cause are Roshan Thiran of Leaderonomics, Kal Joffres of Tandemic, Heislyc Loh of Startup Mamak, and Daniel Cerventus of Next Up Asia to name just a few.

Their objective is to provide the opportunity for top talent to gauge entrepreneurship objectively, rather than based on biased hearsay, which is pervasive amongst the broader Malaysian youth population. ACEs will in turn represent Startup Street as entrepreneurship ambassadors to Malaysian youth, based on their experience. A second objective Startup Street seeks from the ACE program is to create a tightknit community of high potential future entrepreneurs to encourage future collaboration.

The ACE Program will run from the 16th of December 2013 to the 21st of February 2014. Over the course of these 10 weeks, ACEs will be presented the opportunity to take on the broad range of challenges faced by startups and be exposed to the all the different experiences in the startup environment. ACEs will constantly need to be vigilant in tackling issues and furthering objectives.

Upon ‘graduating’, ACEs are expected to be confident enough to take on the world! ACEs will not be alone in their journey. They will join an exclusive club formed of other ACEs and program mentors to help them in their pursuit of world domination!

If you’re looking for more information just head on over to the ACE website ( for more details. Remember applications for the

ACE Program are open now right until the 24th November (rolling interviews will begin immediately so its going to be a case of first come, first serve. Apply at