Startup Camp Venue

For those who have not been to the venue, head on to The Gardens in Midvalley City and ask the security guards or concierge where South Tower in the Gardens in located. We have also attached a map to give you a general idea where the building is located.
Also there are ample parking spaces available however it tends to get full as it is a weekend and school holiday so make sure you get your car in ear

Basic guidelines for attending Startup camp
1. Every participant should participate actively
2. Vote with your two feet which sessions you find interesting. If you find you adding any value to the conversation, 
   it is polite to walk away to give an opportunity for others to sit in.
3. The schedule is located at , but for latest updates check the schedule wall on the day itself.
4.Follow the general building rules of Venue itself and you have be responsible for your own stuff.


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