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Startup Jobs Asia Gets Partners in Taiwan

Recently, our partners at StartupJobAsia signed a partnership with The Entrepreneurs Society of Taiwan.

EST was officially launched on January 14 2011,this group started initially trying to encourage entrepreneurship on the campus of National Chengchi University and very soon developed into a group that caters for the need of the English-speaking segment in Taiwan who are interested in entrepreneurship. We see these events as an opportunity to expand our knowledge and continue networking and learning from innovative entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurs Society of Taiwan (EST) is the club in association with NCCU IMBA students & alumni.

We managed to catch up with Ben Chew recently about this deal

Entrepreneurs Society Taiwan

What are the responsibilities of the local partners ?
Ben: We have a few parties who are interested to run as our local partners for Startup Jobs Asia. However we have chosen them due to the closest mindset of running Startup Jobs Asia. We wouldn’t say it’s responsibilities for them, but it’s more of a common long-term vision we have as a whole which is to “Sexify” jobs @ Startup within Asia.

What is your hope for this partnership?
Ben: We have seen more startup activities in Taiwan during this period, and in time to come, there will be even more Entrepreneurs stepping forward in the tech and startup scenes. Taiwan have always been very “hardware” focus, and in the days ahead, we are pretty confident to see more startup business in the web/mobile aspects. We hope that our partner will cover the gap of the “Talent Crunch” with the platform of to attract talents to join Startup.

Where are the other places you are looking for expanssion?
Ben: We have few parties coming from different counties whom they are interested in the strategic partnership with Startup Jobs Asia. Next in line to move in are countries such as Malaysia, Thailand or even Vietnam/Philippines.. However, this is still the early stage as we would like to get partners who have the same long-term vision with us.

What are you impression on Taipei startups?
Ben: If they have been doing well in the “hardware” industry all the while, we are not surprised to see them doing just as well in the web/mobile aspects.

Entrepreneurial Experience or Entrepreneurial Education?

The battle of either having the entrepreneurial experience or entrepreneurial education still rages on. Entrepreneurs often pick Experience – Being on the streets, selling their first prototypes of products and hustling their way through to their first pay and then slowly growing their companies. As opposed to entrepreneurs who made their fortunes by studying and accumulating enough knowledge from books and academics first, there is also argument that Entrepreneurs need Education as a preparation in order for them to succeed.  Continue reading Entrepreneurial Experience or Entrepreneurial Education?

Spotting Brand Advocates for Your Business

Without the need to spend millions of dollars on advertising, public relations and promotions, smart and savvy entrepreneurs have been able to leverage on Word of Mouth or genuine ‘Brand Advocates‘ to promote the goodness of their products. The fact is businesses often miss out on identifying and rewarding such potential brand advocates who could bring their advertising dollars a long way, without the need to spend a fortune.  Continue reading Spotting Brand Advocates for Your Business

Hong Kong: Best Country for Business in Asia 2013?

Hong Kong Best Country for Business In Asia 2013
Hong Kong Best Country for Business In Asia 2013

With many Entrepreneurs scratching their heads on selecting the ideal country to conduct business, made comparisons from reputable websites to select on Best Countries to Operate Businesses in 2013. We looked at what, and has to say. Ranking just the top 5 countries in descending order, surprisingly a common country in those lists stands out as probably the best bet on running a business in the year of the Snake. Here’s the comparison list. Continue reading Hong Kong: Best Country for Business in Asia 2013?

Do you need an MBA to Succeed as an Entrepreneur?

It is often said that Entrepreneurs need to posses Street-Smarts over Book-Smarts in order to ride through the volatile waves of doing business in the cut-throat world of business. However, experts and surveys have shown that the world’s most celebrated and successful entrepreneurs did not only come from those who ‘Dropped out of school’ but rather some have even succeeded even faster after having pursued an MBA.

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10 Sure Strategies for Entrepreneurs to Raise Funding for their Business

Money, Seed Funding, Venture Capital Fund, Loans from Banks, Borrowing from Parents, Friends and ‘Fools’ – All these financial and monetary terms colour the vocabulary of any entrepreneur starting up. Here are 10 Strategies that Entrepreneurs can Use to Raise More Funding to Get their Businesses off the ground and begin their celebrated entrepreneurial journey!

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DSCVR Indonesia’s Tech Talents with DailySocial


Since 2010 Indonesia has been seen as a hotspot in the regional technology startup landscape and since then, the interest in the country’s talents and potentials has only gone up. Indonesia is a country made up of over 240 million people spread across eight major islands and over several thousand smaller ones. We’ve ran three SparxUp Awards to recognize the country’s best and most promising tech startups and have gone to a number of cities across the country over the years to meet and identify local talents. Now we want to take you along with us to discover these talented software developers, designers, and aspiring tech leaders.

Many of Indonesia’s top tech talents are located outside of Jakarta but not a lot of people know or realize that. We want to change that, so today we are introducing DSCVR. A seven day trip to several cities in the island of Java to meet these talents, visit their offices, attend demo days and seminars, and have a good time along the way.

The trip is expected to be run in late March or early April of this year, visiting Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, and Malang and of course Jakarta. For this trip, we anticipate the cost to be roughly $2000 – $3000 per person not including your airfare to Jakarta which will be our departure point for the trip. Should you be interested in participating in DSCVR, please register in this Google Docs form and we will contact you regarding further details of the program. Should you have any question, you may email them to r[email protected]

The Definition of An Entrepreneur from 15 Top Entrepreneurs and Icons in the World

If you walked up to Steve Jobs or Bill Gates and asked them: What would be their definition of An Entrepreneur, what do you think they would say? And what would 13 other global entrepreneurs and leaders share with you as well?

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