Starting Your Own Mobile Application Business

“Kid quit his job after selling Millions of Iphone Apps”.
We are sure you have read stories like that due to Apple’s great PR on its mobile application program for the Iphone.

One thing is true, although the mobile application space has been around since the days of Palm, Apple’s seamless platform to sell simple low cost application over Itunes was a game changer. Suddenly instead of going to 3rd Parties site like Handango to buy your applications, it can be running in your phone with a few taps.

To make this space more interesting, Palm, Nokia, Research in Motion and Windows mobile has all announced their own App Store just like Apple. Even the search Giant has got in the game by releasing their own platform call Android.

This is clearly a new trend as 1 Billion Apps have been serve in Itunes and how can someone take advantage of this trend?

If you are are a developer, then it is clear.
Think of an Idea >> Build it up>> Start Selling on the platform.
The apps are pretty simple and this is one business you can build by yourself.

What if you are not a a developer?
Here are some of the options.
1. You can learn about building your own mobile apps. Our friend at Xtrain have created a new program called Mobile Application Development Workshop. It is an introduction on 4 of the top platform how you can build your own application.

2. Work with a developer. However the demands is more than the developers and it a challenge to find good developers to convey your ideas into an application. Here more here.

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