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The Art Of The Start Up: Five Entrepreneurial Hacks MindValley Used to Grow a RM2000 investment into a RM100 Million Valuation in 10 Years…With No Bank Loans, VC Money or Outside Investment

If you are an existing or aspiring entrepreneur with dreams of creating a highly profitable and successful business, MindValley is inviting you to join them for The Art Of The Start Up – an unforgettable live seminar for business owners looking to double their revenues, taking place on Sunday October 6th @ Mindvalley HQ in K.L.

At the end of the Article, watch Vishen’s video and you are able to learn the Five Entrepreneurial Hacks MindValley Used to Grow a RM2000 investment into a RM100 Million Valuation in 10 Years…With No Bank Loans, VC Money or Outside Investment.

MindValley’s intention is to deliver an experience you’ll look back on as the single most profitable day of your entire year.

The Art Of The Start UpHere’s why:
You will discover the inside secrets & strategies we used to build a RM100M++ valued business from scratch – with no outside investment – starting out with just RM2000. Guess what? They’ll work for you too.

In the last 2 years alone we have doubled our revenue… and this success is replicable. You will learn how to do it even faster than MindValley did!

You will master the FIVE entrepreneurial “Hacks” you were introduced to on the Webinar. Vishen will give you the 80/20 shortcuts to get these hacks working immediately in your own business for maximum impact… and maximum profit.

Vishen is literally holding nothing back: you are going to learn how to EXPLODE your business growth… and do it in rapid time. MindValley feel like it’s their time to give back, so they’re sharing these discoveries and tactics openly with the local entrepreneurial community.

So if you are an ambitious and open-minded business owner (or want to become one), you won’t want to miss out on one of the few remaining seats at the event.

And because the event is sponsored by Project Renaissance, attendees living in South-East Asia can attend with a 70% discount.

Simply prove you live here, and MindValley will slash the RM3000 investment… all the way down to just RM995. Imagine the return on investment you can make on that!

And because MindValley are deliberately keeping numbers low, you’re going to walk away with very practical – and very personalised – business advice. This is truly once-in-a-lifetime stuff.

The Art Of The Start UpNow is your opportunity to become one of the first people in the world to experience The Art Of The Start Up. Seats are extremely limited and selling fast… so please secure yours now.

If you don’t join The Art Of The Start Up on Sunday October 6th, we believe you’re missing out… Just imagine: what could you learn by spending an entire day with a RM50 million+ a year CEO? What impact could this have on your business? What would you love to ask Vishen first…?

The Art Of The Start Up is not going to hard sell you. If you’re an entrepreneur — or you want to become one — joining them for this breakthrough seminar is a no-brainer decision.

Click play to start the recording of Vishen’s recent webinar. This is a full on, detailed training for over an hour. You will need a pen and paper for notes. This training is a recording from a class done last week for Vishen’s private mastermind group.


For more Info and to Register, Click Here! 

Discovering the X Factor among Entrepreneurs and Successful Business People has a SPECIAL OFFER for all readers! When renowned entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley came to Malaysia for a summit last year, they attributed their successes towards them and their ventures having the ‘Luck’ and the ‘X Factor’ during that time. There we heard the co-founder of Youtube and LinkedIn, shared about their values in business that catapulted their ventures from an early startup to a billion dollar business. It all boils down to the X Factor that are bound to be discovered by entrepreneurs.  Continue reading Discovering the X Factor among Entrepreneurs and Successful Business People