Southeast Asia’s First 10-week Training Programme for Web Developers Launches in Singapore

DevRubyCamp , Southeast Asia’s first 10-week web developer training program has launched in Singapore. The full time programme will run three times annually, with each course lasting 10 weeks. DevRubyCamp targets to train up to 60 software developers over three courses a year in Singapore.

The inaugural program will offer up to 20 slots for candidates to join the first cohort. The programme will start on 6 January 2014 and run to March 17, 2014. Applicants will not require prior programming knowledge. Students will get intensive training and mentorship from industry experts to guide them on their path to becoming web developers. Students will complete the course with over 600 hours of learning and development tutorials and experience.

“We are solving a marketplace problem by training and fulfilling the need for programmers at software companies that are looking to scale quickly,” said DevRubyCamp co-founder Josh Teng. “Many aspiring programmers want to work in technology startup companies but lack the required experience and skills in modern web development” Teng added. “Our goal is to close that gap and help our graduates get those jobs and start those companies.”

DevRubyCamp is looking to train smart, driven individuals who are motivated to start their own companies or find a job in the technology industry as a web developer upon completion of the training program. The key objective of the program is to speed up the time taken to traditionally learn web development and ensure trainees can quickly contribute to development teams upon graduation. At the end of the program, students will be able to develop full-stack web applications with Javascript and Ruby.

DevRubyCamp will work with selected startups and web development teams in Singapore and Southeast Asia to offer job placements for companies looking to hire entry-level web developers.

Registration is currently open and candidates can apply for DevRubyCamp at . DevRubyCamp charges a tuition fee of SGD 7,000 for the 10 week programme. Registration will remain open until 28 December. Early bird applicants that complete registration by 28 November will enjoy a SGD 2,000 discount on the tuition fee.

DevRubyCamp is hosting an information session on Wednesday, November 6 at One Marina Boulevard #22-00 (Microsoft Singapore) starting at 6:30pm.
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The DevRubyCamp programme was founded by Jaryl Sim, Josh Teng, and Jeffrey Paine in August 2013. Josh is a web and iOS developer and a graduate of San Francisco’s Devbootcamp. Jaryl is the CTO and cofounder of Tinkerbox Studios, a leading Ruby on Rails web development firm in Singapore. Jeffrey is a Partner at Golden Gate Ventures, a seed stage venture fund and Director of Founder Institute Singapore chapter.


jaryl sim

Jaryl Sim

Jaryl is the co-founder of Tinkerbox Studios, which he built from the ground up whilst pursuing his degree. Today, they help startups build web applications on Ruby on Rails, utilizing Lean UX and Lean Startup techniques to manage project uncertainty and deliver technology products. He got his start in technology when he was in secondary school, learning C/C++ to pursue his interest in game development. He picked up Ruby on Rails in 2008 and has since been part of the ruby community.



Josh Teng

After dropping out of Georgia Tech, Josh started teaching himself web development. He has been freelancing for the past 3 years specializing in Ruby-on-Rails. He has recently begun developing for iOS. He is obsessive about a few things including coding, creating solutions, chilling with friends, and ‘Walking Dead’. He went through a similar bootcamp in San Francisco and wanted to share his experience with everyone. “It’s the best way to learn!”, according to him.

Jeffrey Paine

Jeffrey Paine

Jeffrey Paine is the founding partner of Golden Gate Ventures, an early stage technology incubator based in Singapore.  Jeff started and manages the Founder Institute in Singapore where he is currently overseeing its expansion in Southeast Asia. Since 2010 the Founder Institute in Singapore has graduated over 60 companies.

About DevRubyCamp

DevRubyCamp, is an intensive web development boot camp based in Singapore to transform novice coders into entry-level full-stack front-end developers in 10 weeks. We then help our graduates get job offers from Internet companies and funded startups that build and deploy meaningful web applications in the region.