Some interesting stuff at BFM

BFM whatever you want to call it is an interesting start up. Started by Malek Ali who was formerly the Vice-President – Marketing at

If you are driving around the Klang Valley, you will notice very creative ads strategically placed behind Taxi.

Some of these ads goes like.

Currently available for the Klang Valley on the 89.9 FM

There be some notable guest on air this week that we find is a must listen.

Thurs 10 am -Gerald Lim and Janet of is an interesting portal that works on connecting companies with part time human resources.

Friday 11 am – Friday Jeevan Sahadevan, Action Coach
Jeevan will be talking about the two qualities that ALL super-rich people posses in abundance.
BFM is running a contest about these two qualities that Jeevan have discovered by talking to many wealthy people around the world.

If you think you know what they are, send an email to [email protected]

The 5 people with the closest to correct answers will receive a copy of Jeevan’s book:
Walking with the Wise 2.

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