Bicycle Pledge for a Social Enterprise

If there is one international Social Enterprise that makes us proud to be Malaysian, that will has to be the multi award winning organization call Science of Life 24/7 (SOLS 24/7).  They are one of the best non-formal education organization around and for the past nine years,  they have been educating youths (including drop-outs, low income families) who do not have the opportunity to further their studies. 

Being a non religious and non political organization, they have training centres in Cambodia, Timor-Leste and more recently in Malacca (November 2008). Raj Ridvan Singh a  former deejay and his brother, have dedicated their life to help the under privileged youth improve their life.  

The curriculum  of  SOLS 24/7 includes hard skills (English, Mathematics, ICT skills, Employment skills, Business Management, Taekwando), soft skills training (Leadership, Dynamism, Discipline, Responsibility, Love & Unity, Compassion) and lessons in social consciousness (community service, social hazards and vices). Armed with these sets of skills, the graduates of SOLS 24/7 will be more equipped for the future workforce.

Because of their recent relocation of their training centre, SOLS 24/7 is in serious need of 30 bicycles for their full time boarding students to be able to cycle to Restaurant Amitofu. Restaurant Amitofu provides 3 free vegetarian meals daily to the students, however getting there is quite a distant. It takes about 15 – 20 minutes just to walk there.

SOLS are looking for people to donate old bicycles to their centre. These bicycles will also provide a means of transport around Malacca town and it helps them develop to be mobile and independent.

The centre currently have around 50 students in the Malacca branch and only a handful of bicycles.

If you have an old bicycle that you are not using, please inform us or Raj at 012 6398 442

Note: Malaysia Entrepreneurs will be having a visit soon to the centre. Those who are interested pls drop us a line at editor [at]


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  1. hi there. its good to have a successful social entreprise in Malaysia. I am a malaysian however involved in SE in singapore. can we get in touch. I am a johorean staying in jb.

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