Solfsolver and WorkCrowd made it into top 11 of Echelon 11

The coming Echelon launchpad in Singapore by E27 is looking to be an interesting one. Quite a lot of familiar faces such as Startup Digest Seoul’s TaeWoo’s Moglue which is a publishing platform. From Malaysia is Solfsolver which is a CRM system and Work Crowd. Both of them are pretty much much experienced in pitching especially Darren Lee of Work Crow who has previously presented in TechCrunch50 DemoPit September 2009.

Here are the list of startups and we wish them all the best.

Cardinal Blue Software – Taiwan – Cardinal Blue Software has built a 7 million strong online support community with Tribute Balloon. The community allows users to share their hardships using “Balloons” and in return garner support and encouragements from fellow users who are able to send virtual gifts, comments or help spread the balloons.

Fetchplus – Singapore – Fetch Plus’ product, FetchFans, is an interactive custom brand design engine built for commercial use that designs templates for Facebook, Twitter and blogs through a three-step process. This allows companies to update their pages with messages, new offers and promotions quickly in order to always be in contact with their customer base.

Jelly Bus – Korea – While there are a lot of photo apps out there, these apps only focus on allowing users to share their photos on more popular social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. Jellybus aims to fill in the gap with qbro. qbro is an interesting and easy to use photo app that also allows users to share their photos on more localized social network sites such as Cyworld and me2day.

Moglue – Korea – Moglue provides a simple solution to self-publishing interactive ebooks on iOS and Android devices. The platform allows publishers, amateur authors and artists to create interactive books and release them to app stores with one click. By abstracting away the hard coding bits, the platform breaks down the barrier-to-entry for aspiring authors or artists.

Playmoolah – Singapore – PlayMoolah is the brainchild of Min Xuan, Audrey and Alam. The company provides a fun online platform for kids, aged 5 to 11, to save, manage, and earn an allowance. PlayMoolah leverages on game mechanics for behavior change, empowering children with the curiosity, knowledge, skills and tools needed for financial capability. Meanwhile, parents are equipped with a separate platform to monitor, reward, and engage with their child’s progress.

PriceArea.com – Indonesia – PriceArea.com is search engine local online stores that seeks to connect shoppers with thousands of merchants. Think Google meets Amazon.com. PriceArea.com acts as an intermediary between online shoppers and retailers while providing value add services to ease the virtual shopping process, such as purchasing/retailing services, wishlist, store locator, merchant reviews, advertising platform and much more.

PT Phase Solusindo – Indonesia – Phase Solusindo aims to create more exposure for merchants’ brands using a similar location-based system that other successful companies such as Foursquare and Gowalla are using. With Bouncity, is a location location-based gaming platform that allows users to go to places, complete challenges and get rewarded. The fun-oriented system may hit the right note with users in encouraging them to spend more time with brands that are on Bouncity.

PT Six Reps – Indonesia – Lacking the motivation to stick with that exercise or diet regime? Get in shape with the help of SixReps, a social network site that aims to connect fitness, diet and exercise enthusiast. The site links up members with the same interest with the hopes of creating a supportive community of active lifestyle individuals

SoftSolvers – Malaysia – Aiming to help Asian businesses tackle customer relationship issues, Soft Solvers Solutions’ Second CRM offers on-demand solutions to small companies which covers business operations like sales, marketing, customer support and project management. Small companies can choose to automate their businesses with the simple and cost-effective solutions offered by Second CRM.

Spatial Ideas – India – Spatial Ideas aims to integrate information from online news sites and social media in order to built the ultimate marketing tool, LocoBuzz. This powerful map-based analytics and communications platform allows marketers to identify potential customers, spot trends and evaluate marketing campaigns. The unique selling point of Spatial Ideas over their competitors is their easy-to-use UI, which they believe appeals to users of such services.

Work Crowd – Malaysia – WorkCrowd aims to help build and strengthen bonds among co-workers by being a social platform for the workplace. WorkCrowd seeks to incentivize the initiatives of co-workers in getting to know each other through unlocking badges. The platform can also assist the transition of new workers into the workplace by helping them familiarize themselves with the culture and facilitate knowledge transfer.

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