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Social Entrepreneurs have much to be admired for their persistence in creating and nurturing communities. Almost every social enterprise faces choppy waters, rejections and winding roads. Meet Runo Okiomah, 2011 winner of the Muhammad Yunus Challenge and now a successful social entrepreneur with an operation in Kenya. Her enterprise, Maa-Bara, has created a system that utilizes kitchen scraps to grow healthy fresh fish and vegetables for consumption. The Maa-Bara system increases food security by boosting the productivity of small-holder farmers allowing families to grow their own food at a quantity and quality they desire in almost any location and in places where food has never been grown before.


Be inspired by entrepreneurs like Runo and others. Learn what they do and gain valuable insights on how they are creating change and innovating to perpetuate their ideas for sustainable impact at WIF: xCHANGE

Get a chance to meet and mingle with her at xCHANGE, a 100% free event organized by Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) in conjunction with World Innovation Forum Kuala Lumpur (WIF-KL). If you wish to stay on for WIF-KL you will need to a WIF pass. These passes are being sold to the public for RM1,400. But through the generous support of the WIF-KL organizing committee, we have 80 passes that we are letting go at only RM80 each!

Date: Tuesday, Nov 12

Venue: Plenary Theatre, Level 3, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Find out how to get these passes here:



About WIF-KL
To be officiated by PM Najib Razak, the World Innovation Forum – Kuala Lumpur (WIF-KL) will feature some amazing speakers such as Göran Persson (Former PM of Sweden), Sugata Mitra (Professor of Educational Technology), Morinosuke Kawaguchi (Innovation & Competitive Strategy Consultant), Mark Gallagher (Grand Prix Motor Racing Boss), CEOs, consultants, government officials and many more.

ZOCKO, a Tool for Social Influencers to Monetize Their Audience through Social Media Channels

ZOCKO, a Tool for Social Influencers to Monetize Their Audience through Social Media Channels, as a new approach in e-commerce industry and being Globally Launched from Indonesia

Jakarta, 1 October 2013 – As a breakthrough in e-commerce industry and along with the rise of increasing number of inspiring icons in the communities that use social media, ZOCKO, an online tool for social influencers developed between Barcelona and Jakarta, is launched in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is also the launch of ZOCKO global activation, aimed at reaching out global market.

ZOCKO enables social influencers to play a big role in monetizing their audience through their social networks and independently earn money using their influence. ZOCKO also creates opportunities for brands around the world, in various categories including fashion, electronics, gadgets, sport as ZOCKO enables social influencers to share about their aspiring products based on their experience or what they like.

(left-right) Daniel Clemente (CTO) and Carlos Puig (CEO)
(left-right) Daniel Clemente (CTO) and Carlos Puig (CEO)

Carlos Puig, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ZOCKO said, “ZOCKO users are inspiring icons in the community, who have their own audience from diverse interest and background. Everybody has a unique ingredient that can be used to influence over their circle, whether it is wide as smaller,”

“The presence of ZOCKO brings difference and works as a new approach that disrupts between e-commerce and social media. Social influencers can develop their own content in unique ways and add unexplored value to the products – a bit different with the traditional concept of advertising,” said Carlos.

Users simply need to sign up with their social media channels and start sharing customized ZOCKO links to their audiences with their own messages. Then, users can export their cash balance to any Pay Pal account once the balance reaches a minimum of US$50,00. The amount of the rewards depends on the price of the product.

(left-right)_Zocko team-Daniel-Carlos-Zocko team
(left-right)_Zocko team-Daniel-Carlos-Zocko team

ZOCKO is first launched based on an invitation and request basis to create exclusive environment to its users. Following to its launch, ZOCKO will hold the first exclusive event for top digital social influencers from fashion, technology, gadgets, sports in Jakarta on October 18 aims to engage more social influencers and make them part of ZOCKO users.


ZOCKO is a startup company which derived from Barcelona, Spain. ZOCKO is an e-commerce tool half-way between social media and e-commerce built for social influencers, officially launched its platform and activated its private beta website globally in Jakarta, Indonesia. As part of Creative HotHouse, ZOCKO helps social influencers to independently earn cash rewards when their audiences purchase the products they share or publish through their social networks, email or blogging platforms.
Visit for more information.

About Creative HotHouse
Creative HotHouse is a Code Temple, accelerator of developer entrepreneurs building beautiful and profitable software for the South East Asian markets. Creative HotHouse is a Singapore based company with Temples in Jakarta, Barcelona and soon in Manila. The team is built on over 100 years of track record in the internet and technology industries. There 8 founders are seasoned company builders coming from groups like MIH-Naspers, Rakuten, FCB, Havas Media, Nokia and others.
Visit for more information.

SI Camp Cebu Weekend debuts 18 Oct!!

Cebu: Top 5 Ideas

SI Camp Cebu Weekend debuts 18 Oct. Get to know the top ideas in their own words!

SI Camp Cebu 2013

“AquaBuddy is a mobile app that checks the quality of drinking water through a checklist, maps the sources of drinking water, and serves as a database for tracking water quality. This can be done with the help of local health workers who can carry out fieldwork in order to regularly gather and update data. It is also hoped that an individual can examine the quality of water on their own. Ideally, AquaBuddy will be a cloud-based database and will rely on the cooperation of local and national health centers with regards to the water status in their respective areas.”
-Rosette Thea Santos, Kitkat Nitorreda, Bea Villacorta, Andrea Cooper

Medical Encoded Data and Integrated Code (MEDIC).
“Barangay health centers are the frontliners in health care delivery for many Filipinos. As such, sufficient health data from the Barangay would be beneficial in providing information on health status of a municipality, province or region. There is a need for data from the barangays in order to properly incorporate them into existing health information systems. MEDIC proposes a way to use QR-codes to transfer data between the barangay and the municipality-level health centers using a mobile application without the use of infrastructure-based / network solutions.”
-Nadia Rowena Leetian

SI Camp Cebu 2013

“Prescription errors are common injuries caused by illegibility of the physicians’ handwriting and for other factors. Basically, a mobile app is created for doctors to use to prescribe drugs, for patients to store prescriptions by doctors, and for pharmacies to access the prescription. These prescriptions contain QR codes that will be scanned by pharmacies. This will prevent misreading of prescriptions and will offer swift service in the pharmacy. The prescribed drugs’ dosage may be compared against the Philippine National Drug Formulary by PhilHealth to further enhance the product. Registered doctors may also be given codes to ensure security of the prescription.” -Keith Jeremy Satinitigan

“With Sankalusugan, we aim to provide a social country guide with the ability to recommend different health facilities based on the ones nearest to the user or of the user’s preference. With a database of different, hospitals, health centers, midwiferies, private practices, and the like, this web-based mobile application provides users with the chance to view different evaluations (if available), contact details, and comments on the nearest facilities. The application also offers a feature that utilizes the SMS capabilities of the phone to locate the hospital or the user in the absence of the internet.” -Ramon A. Cajucom, Robin Edsel Sebastian S. Medalle, Ryan Justin C. Reyes and Ma. Regina Andrea J. Sison

“FloodLine is an android application that monitors the cases of flood-borne diseases in typhoon-affected communities. Its major features include the Track, which allows the health workers to report diseases during typhoon periods across the country, and the Talk, which provides communication among health workers and non-health worker users through announcements, forums, and chat. This application generally aims to improve the overall disaster response management of the country by accelerating awareness and enhancing communication during disasters brought upon by typhoons, both for the benefit and convenience of the health care providers and beneficiaries.”
-Anne Kay Arancon, Argyll Bongosia, Pauline Luzon

Interested to be part of Cebu’s camp? Signup [here]!(

BKK: Call for Ideas

SI Camp Asia, UNDP, The World Bank and Change Fusion want your healthcare ideas that are based on technology for SI Camp Bkk.

The bounty for your ideas are:
* 1st prize 30,000 Bhatt + Travel Grant to SI Camp Asia Regional Camp in Singapore + Google cloud platform starter package + USD300 Heroku credits + Entrance into Rackspace Startup Program
* 2nd & 3rd prize 10,000 Bhatt + Google cloud platform starter package.

[Submit] ( your ideas now!

Why Companies Like Google, Sony, Shell, Rolex Support TED?
(Creative way of how TEDx Buenos Aires and hairdressers rock their socks)

What do all of these iconic brands have in common?

Google – Sony – IBM – Rolex –  American Express – Qtar Airways –  Aljazeera –  Jonnie Walker – Allianz – Gucci – Siemens – Steel Case – Prudential – HP – Pfizer Health – BMW – Shell – Samsung

Despite their diverse industries, great minds think alike – they share the same vision of “Ideas Worth Spreading” and hence are official partners as well as strong supporters of the TED and TEDx community.

You may wonder, why are these giants putting their reputation on the line to be part of this locally-global movement? Here are 3 key reasons how companies can benefit from the value of being a TED partner:

Highly-Positive Brand Association
It may seem indirect at a first glance, but as indirect as it may seem, the positive association of a company supporting a purposeful-global-movement essentially becomes a deeper and more rooted brand association. It communicates a company’s brand value and what it stands for with the community in a subtle yet influential way.

A subtle approach speaks to the heart and sub-conscious mind therefore, forging a positive multi-dimensional relationship between the company’s brand, event/cause and the community. It is a truly powerful way to reflect a company’s brand by leveraging on such a prevailing platform.

Due to the local & global brand presence, speaker profiles, quality of the audience and media coverage TEDx generously receives; the mileage companies get eventually evolves into a long-term relationship and association.

Subtle positive brand association is the most powerful marketing and branding affirmation a company can impart, such is Coca-Cola’s branding secret.

Engage With Audience, Community, Speakers and Potential Customers
“As a TEDx partner, you will have the opportunity to engage in an authentic dialogue with an elusive yet valuable audience: passionate, open-minded people in your community. You will have an opportunity to test your ideas for the future, and be challenged to positively impact your community and the planet in new ways.” ~

A unique idiosyncrasy about TED is that both the speaker and audience are curated. This means that the quality of presenters and audience are ensured to keep the energy high with like-minded individuals who are on the same wavelength, so to speak. As cliché as it may sound, having a coherent mindset of audience and presenters is the key to creating a conducive and sustainable environment for self-engagement in order to bring forth radical change in radical times.

Because of the quality of speakers, audiences, organizers and media involved it provides good opportunities to engage these people at any level intended to communicate your value proposition. These people being socially influential in their own right will then organically create a ripple effect of your company and brand.

Contribute to a Meaningful Social Cause
“Becoming a TEDx partner means you share in our vision of spreading ideas that are intended to change the world for the better. We look forward to having you join our global community of thought leaders and benefit from an individually tailored TEDx partnership. “ ~

Everyone has their purpose and everything happens for a reason. Some people are meant to do to things that others are not. Some people saves turtles, some work on architectural structures to further improve the way we live, while some discover nano-particles to further technology and others bring music to open peoples hearts.

Because everyone plays a different role, not everyone has to be specifically hands-on in order to contribute to society and humanity. Therefore being able to support these people in any way possible, big or small, such as supporting platforms like TED even if it may seem indirect, it certainly will have a direct impact on what these people are doing – Simply because we are all interconnected.

Hence, every little deed counts. May it be partnering, supporting, participating, spreading the word or sponsoring someone to attend, none of these efforts are ever wasted, in fact it has contributed to the betterment of our society.

How Can I Contribute As A Company?
Being a partner is flexible and open. As a non-profit and to keep the platform sustainable, TEDx has been receiving generous support over the years and would like to thank everyone that made it possible.

Besides the usual monetary and in-kind support which are usually arranged much prior to the event, another way a company can support and impact others at the same time, is to sponsor tickets for people to attend such as company staff or customers.

As some companies are already doing, it is a good initiative to support either your employees or their families or treat your customers to a pleasant surprise. For institutions or organizations, some have allocated seats for their students or members to attend the event.

If you would like to support TEDxKL in anyway, feel free to email [email protected]   

Theme  :  Interdependence
When     :
14 July 2012
Where   :  
Temple of Fine Arts
Ticket   :
 RM100 online  |   RM130 limited walk-in. (dinner included)


5 Reasons To Get Your ‘X’ On for TEDxKL

TEDxKL returns with its 4th annual conference this year in Kuala Lumpur!

Last year’s TEDxKL had an overwhelming response and the team is looking forward to yet another fantastic event this July! This year’s theme is “Interdependence”, with an exciting line-up of presenters to share their valuable experiences and performances.

To make it even more special, this year 2 TED fellow speakers will be flying all the way to re-live their TED experiences with Kuala Lumpur.

Theme  :  Interdependence
When    :  14 July 2012
Where   :  Temple of Fine Arts

If you and your friends are still contemplating how you should spend your Saturday afternoon, here are 5 reasons why you should turn the power of your ‘X’ on.
Tap the minds of thought-leaders
The global TEDx community has always been like a big family. The sessions and relationship between the presenters and attendees are intimate in an open way. Besides gaining interesting insights from amazing stories and life experiences shared by the presenters on stage, participants get to pick their minds and share purposeful conversations with them off-stage as well.

The best advice any TED-ster would give in order for one to fully explore potential possibilities during TEDx is to suspend your conventional assumptions.  The magic truly happens when you open your mind.

Connect through enlightening interactivity
TEDx is a unique platform for individuals from any walk of life to participate and contribute. Because of this inimitable attribute of the TEDx platform, it naturally creates a highly-dynamic environment for attendees, speakers and organizers to interact, share ideas and build lasting relationships.

It is an avenue where people get the opportunity to network and engage with like-minded individuals that share the same passion, vision or purpose despite the diversity in backgrounds. Many ideas, business opportunities, social causes and activities have been sparked and thus brought to life by people who merely connected at TEDx events around the world. Raise your level of awareness
This is a brilliant quote from an attendee of TEDxSanDiego about what TEDx is. The meaning of TEDx to her is: ”To experience & grow into perspectives outside of my own everyday thinking.” – @MicheleDortch.

This eloquently summarizes the essence of TEDx which is to discover possibilities beyond our usual boundaries.  The diversity of local and global issues that the presenters bring forth are usually thought-provoking and sometimes paradigm-shifting. Whether it is to raise the level of awareness by 1% or 100%; the message that each presenter covey will in most cases directly or indirectly create a domino effect of positive impact to society.

Be a part of a locally-global community
TEDx was created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading.” It is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level.

To give you an idea, these are some of the TEDx events around the world which are held on a regular basis. TEDxNasa, TEDxManhattanBeach, TEDxMelbourne, TEDxSingapore, TEDxDubai, TEDxTokyo, TEDxTaipei, TEDxParis, TEDxAmsterdam, TEDxBerlin, TEDxChelsea, TEDxBelfast, TEDxNewYork, TEDxMidAtlantic, TEDxMadrid.

More than 4,300 TEDx events have taken place in 1,200 cities and 133 countries around the world. All these communities are inter-connected through TEDx-ters online and offline. Being part of it you can be rest assured you are welcomed with open arms by any TEDx community around the world wherever you go.

It is as if there is a mutual bond with attendees, presenters and organizers. It is a truly organic platform which embodies the meaning of being a global citizen. Be inspired to re-inspire
The positive outcome of having engaged with thought-leaders and networking with purpose-driven individuals to broaden your horizons is really to take the opportunity to Stop, Reflect and Be.  Allowing yourself to be inspired and to take this spark of inspiration, using it to light up more flames in the world – embracing it to re-inspire and contribute towards enriching the lives of others in your very own little way.

Collectively we are the power of ‘X’!

Ticket Give-away Contest
TEDxKL is giving away 2 Tickets + a TEDx shirt to the person who best share the passion of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ by sharing on Facebook, Twitter or your blog!
To participate just visit

Note: There will only be a limited amount of walk-in tickets. To register your tickets online visit

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