Social Innovation Camp KL

The Social Innovation Camp Kuala Lumpur is open for team building. Join dedicated idea owners to help them bring their idea of social impact to life!. Jointly organised by UX Malaysia and Makeweekend with the support of the United Nations Development Programme. Hosted by the Sunway University Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, the camp will be on the 20-22 November. The Star is the official media partner of SI Camp KL.

The final six ideas that made the cut are:

CrowdCities (by Lim Jun Yuen)

Crowd-sourcing is a growing in-thing, but Lim hopes to empower citizens to invest in building and restore public spaces in their local communities through CrowdcCities, allowing them to broadcast their ideas to help target and improve the development of the cities they live in.

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Guardian Angel (by Lim Soon Heng)

Guardian Angel is a GPS-enabled application that functions via a single click to make a series of calls based on a customised-programmed escalation sequence so that there is a response to the alert.The app enables users to send out a call for help that allows family members and friends to respond.

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SaveAChildToday.net (by Lu Chen Pin)

With an alarming increase in missing children today, Lu’s SaveAChildToday is a welcomed online platform to find missing children and, combat child trafficking.

The platform allows parents and NGOs to upload profiles of missing children as well as allow the public to snap pictures of street kids or child labourers and upload them to the same platform.

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Insaf Tracker (by Syed Nasir Alsagoff)

Insaf Tracker will work as a prevention and monitoring system that will help recovering addicts from falling into a relapse.

the mobile app that will be triggered to alert loved ones when a recovering addict goes to an off-limits area, or even give advice to the addict if he or she stays too long in the off-limits area. The second part is a web-based database to help monitor the target group.

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Bees (by Chua Ming Jin)

There is strength in numbers and Chua believes that the numbers in a community can make it stronger.

Bees is a tool that can be used to share important information with people nearby quickly, warning them on dangers or requesting for help from the surrounding community.

Influenced by the rising crime rate in KL, Chua drew inspiration from the little flying insects that send out signals to other bees for help.

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Quickcauses (by Zee Teng & Chew Pui Cheng)

Quickcauses is a transparent crowd-funding platform that allows the project organiser to manage public contributions efficiently. Chew hopes to raise awareness on organisers’ accountability when handling public donations.

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