So What Email Solution TriCubes is Using?

The Malaysian people seem to be outrage with the government decision to appoint TriCube Bhd. to create an email system for Malaysia. The cost of the project is RM 50 Million for 10 years. Not only it is going to cost the government a lot of money but the people using have to purchase a usb device that is going to read your SmartKad. It is also understood from Tricubes Bhd has confirmed that it will charge government agencies about 50 sen for every email sent to Malaysians who are account-holders. There are even a bunch of MyEmail clones which bootstrap USD 50 to make fun out the whole thing such as using Google Apps. So with such a high tech investment in Malaysia with email solution what email is Tricubes using internally?

So check this out.

They are using Google Apps themselves.
To see for your self head over to

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  1. ¬†First of all.. I don’t see the benefit of doing that. And using google app as the solution need RM50Mil. We can help a lot of poor household and single parent with that amount.¬†

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