Sir Richard Branson will open Global Entrepreneurship Week in GEC, Liverpool England

Sir Richard Branson will be the keynote speaker for the Global Entrepreneurs Congress (GEC), this year, in March, hosted in Liverpool, England. Richard Branson’s many years of entrepreneurial pursuits, failures and ultimately successes would colour the imaginations of entrepreneurs, start-ups and the young to Unleash their Will to Win!

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress is the largest gathering for start-up entrepreneurs, mentors, government agencies and corporate figures to come and discuss ideas on creating successful start-ups and businesses. The event marks the largest showcase of entrepreneurs and businesses from all around the world, as part of a global campaign, the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), launched since 2008, by the Kauffman Foundation in the United States.

Since then, annually, on the month of November, more than 100 countries through their respective Country Organisers or Hosts have dedicated a week in that month to launch a series of entrepreneurship activities as part of GEW.

For Liverpool, who will be hosting this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Congress, the city aims to position itself as the Enterprise Capital of the United Kingdom and even aiming as far as attracting more interests globally and especially from Asia to invest and create a successful start-up culture in the region.

Hailing from England, this year’s congress will witness serial entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson gracing the stage in his efforts to inspire young entrepreneurs and the thriving businesses to unleashing their ideas to win and to give back to society. Through Sir Richard Branson’s attendance in the congress, the event is expected to draw at least 2,000 entrepreneurs from around the world who would be flying into Liverpool to catch a glimpse of this maverick entrepreneur.

Sir Richard Branson had always been an advocate for Entrepreneurship, as evidenced through his many ventures in the Virgin Group and also his more recent endorsement for the efforts of the Global Entrepreneurship Week and congress.

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress is made possible through the collaboration of the Kauffman Foundation with Liverpool Vision, an agency assigned to draw in investors’ interest and also to build Liverpool as the most enterprising city in the UK.