Singapore will host the South East Asia qualifier for the Dreamhack Winter 2009.

DreamHack is the world’s largest and most popular digital media festival. Situated in Sweden, DreamHack plays
host to thousands of gamers twice a year, numbering up to 12,782 attendees last winter. DreamHack has netted itself three Guinness World Records in 2004, 2006 and 2007 for being the largest Local Area Network (LAN) Party in the world. It is not a mere event where thousands of gamers gather for 4 days to play games together, but also to participate in anything one may do with computers, be it gaming, communication, programming, film, hardware, film, music, design and so on. DreamHack is also well-known for the numerous tournaments held at its premises which are open to all participants, and also proven very popular with professional gamers throughout Europe, and the world.

This year, on 24 and 25 October, Singapore will host the South East Asia qualifier for the Dreamhack Winter 2009.

Organised by the Colosseum and supported by the (Singapore) Cybersports & Online Gamers Association
(SCOGA), this event promises to be an exciting one. Mr. David Garpenstahl, the CEO/President of DreamHack
shares, “for the first time ever DreamHack is holding a qualifying tournament in Singapore. We are very pleased and honored to work together with Colosseum on this project…making it possible for youth of Singapore to travel, all the way to Sweden to represent their country and compete against teams and players from the whole world. This is certainly a very exiting and enriching adventure. We are looking forward to welcome the players to DreamHack in Sweden by the end of November. We wish all the luck to all the competitors.” The top teams from South East Asia will be competing for a 4days/ 3nights trip to Sweden, inclusive of accommodation to represent the region in DreamHack Winter 2009 finals.

The teams will be focused on qualifying for just these two games this year Counter-Strike 1.6 and Street Fighter IV.

The Singaporean representatives consist of Singapore’s legendary top Counter-Strike 1.6 team Clan Titans,
Singapore WCG 2009 champion, clan GameSense and top Street Fighter IV players, Pei Hoon and Ganguro. We
wish godspeed to our representatives on as they stand a chance to head to DreamHack 2009 for the glory of

Says Adrian Jay Lim, Operations Manager of Colosseum about the vision and objectives of this event,“The
Colosseum is very proud and honoured to be working with DreamHack and SCOGA on this historical milestone for gaming in Singapore and South East Asia. We look forward to strengthening the Gaming Community regionally and we hope to resurrect the older gaming communities that have since moved on from the gaming scene.”

“SCOGA is excited about Singapore having a part in the world’s biggest digital media festival bringing us one step closer to our association’s objectives of making Singapore a global leader in gaming and eSports”, says Kelvin Tan, co-founder of SCOGA.

About the Colosseum:
Strategically positioned within the heart of Singapore at Bugis lies Colosseum, an arena that promises to unleash your inner warrior. This digital battleground stands as one of Singapore’s largest gaming centre and it boasts 220 high performance gaming machines designed for the ultimate gaming experience.

If you’re game enough, take up the challenge and compete in front of hundreds of spectators. Witness matches between top players on a curved screen spanning more than 22 metres long, and pick up tips from the experts there.

Choose between Computer Gaming, Console Gaming and Board Gaming or all three in a private, conducive

The Colosseum’s goal is to become synonymous with professional gaming in Singapore and Southeast Asia, by
fostering strong relationships within the gaming community. Colosseum is poised to become South East Asia’s
premier venue bringing Singapore to new heights in the Cyber Gaming arena.

About SCOGA:
The (Singapore) Cybersports & Online Gamers Association (SCOGA) was registered in 2008 with the goal of
making Singapore a global leader in gaming and eSports, through positive engagements with local gaming
communities. The executive committee is made up of a group of local veteran managers, coaches, and competitive gamers. The association’s patron is Dr Yeo Ning Hong.

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