SI Camp Cebu 2013

SI Camp Cebu Weekend debuts 18 Oct!!

Cebu: Top 5 Ideas

SI Camp Cebu Weekend debuts 18 Oct. Get to know the top ideas in their own words!

SI Camp Cebu 2013

“AquaBuddy is a mobile app that checks the quality of drinking water through a checklist, maps the sources of drinking water, and serves as a database for tracking water quality. This can be done with the help of local health workers who can carry out fieldwork in order to regularly gather and update data. It is also hoped that an individual can examine the quality of water on their own. Ideally, AquaBuddy will be a cloud-based database and will rely on the cooperation of local and national health centers with regards to the water status in their respective areas.”
-Rosette Thea Santos, Kitkat Nitorreda, Bea Villacorta, Andrea Cooper

Medical Encoded Data and Integrated Code (MEDIC).
“Barangay health centers are the frontliners in health care delivery for many Filipinos. As such, sufficient health data from the Barangay would be beneficial in providing information on health status of a municipality, province or region. There is a need for data from the barangays in order to properly incorporate them into existing health information systems. MEDIC proposes a way to use QR-codes to transfer data between the barangay and the municipality-level health centers using a mobile application without the use of infrastructure-based / network solutions.”
-Nadia Rowena Leetian

SI Camp Cebu 2013

“Prescription errors are common injuries caused by illegibility of the physicians’ handwriting and for other factors. Basically, a mobile app is created for doctors to use to prescribe drugs, for patients to store prescriptions by doctors, and for pharmacies to access the prescription. These prescriptions contain QR codes that will be scanned by pharmacies. This will prevent misreading of prescriptions and will offer swift service in the pharmacy. The prescribed drugs’ dosage may be compared against the Philippine National Drug Formulary by PhilHealth to further enhance the product. Registered doctors may also be given codes to ensure security of the prescription.” -Keith Jeremy Satinitigan

“With Sankalusugan, we aim to provide a social country guide with the ability to recommend different health facilities based on the ones nearest to the user or of the user’s preference. With a database of different, hospitals, health centers, midwiferies, private practices, and the like, this web-based mobile application provides users with the chance to view different evaluations (if available), contact details, and comments on the nearest facilities. The application also offers a feature that utilizes the SMS capabilities of the phone to locate the hospital or the user in the absence of the internet.” -Ramon A. Cajucom, Robin Edsel Sebastian S. Medalle, Ryan Justin C. Reyes and Ma. Regina Andrea J. Sison

“FloodLine is an android application that monitors the cases of flood-borne diseases in typhoon-affected communities. Its major features include the Track, which allows the health workers to report diseases during typhoon periods across the country, and the Talk, which provides communication among health workers and non-health worker users through announcements, forums, and chat. This application generally aims to improve the overall disaster response management of the country by accelerating awareness and enhancing communication during disasters brought upon by typhoons, both for the benefit and convenience of the health care providers and beneficiaries.”
-Anne Kay Arancon, Argyll Bongosia, Pauline Luzon

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BKK: Call for Ideas

SI Camp Asia, UNDP, The World Bank and Change Fusion want your healthcare ideas that are based on technology for SI Camp Bkk.

The bounty for your ideas are:
* 1st prize 30,000 Bhatt + Travel Grant to SI Camp Asia Regional Camp in Singapore + Google cloud platform starter package + USD300 Heroku credits + Entrance into Rackspace Startup Program
* 2nd & 3rd prize 10,000 Bhatt + Google cloud platform starter package.

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