Semantics3 Launches Data Marketplace

On March 1, 2012, at Matrix @Biopolis, in Singapore, Semantics3 has announced the launch of the public beta of its online data marketplace in-conjunction with DEMO Asia 2012.

Says Sivamani Varun, CEO and Co-Founder of Semantics3, “We are excited to unveil the Semantics3 Data Marketplace to the public at DEMO Asia.”

“Our data marketplace addresses a major problem that many organisations face, which is access to a wide variety of constantly updated data sets that can be readily integrated into their applications. By democratizing and making large data sets easily accessible to all, something previously available only to large organizations, Semantics3 is hoping to spur innovation.”, explained further by Sivamani at the event.

Semantics3 is providing a data platform as a service, through which companies can have immediate access to rich data either through purchase from the marketplace or programmatic access through an API. The API is currently in private beta.

The data sets can be accessed on any platform, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. They do not require any special hardware or software, and can easily be integrated into any application. Customers can now gain instantaneous access to millions of data points, spanning from detailed business listings in Texas to all the hotels in Timbuktu. The range of available data also includes healthcare providers, pricing trends and detailed product listings.

Some benefits that customers can derive through Semantics3’s services include:

1) Instant Access – Through a simple three-click process, customers can identify and
purchase any data set. The data can also be accessed through the API, using a single

2) Constantly Updated – By tackling the aching problem of data freshness, Semantics3
ensures that your apps and analytics will remain up-to-date.

3) Low Cost – Access to rich data sets can be obtained at as little as SG$0.001 per record.

Since June 2011, Semantics3 has been providing consulting services for companies
that require large scale information extraction and big data expertise. Semantics3 is
based in Singapore and is supported by NUS Enterprise.

About Semantics3

Semantics3 (www.semantics3.com/ / @Semantics3) provides three-click downloads to rich datasets that power applications and analytics. These curated datasets include millions of business listings, product catalogues and healthcare details aside from several niche category datapoints. At low costs, users can gain immediate access to the data that they need, in the format that they desire. Thus, by overcoming the time and cost limitations of identifying, gathering, cleaning and formatting datasets, Semantics3 makes data easily available to all. Headquartered in Singapore, Semantics3 was the winner of the 2011 Startup@Singapore 24-hr Business Plan Competition and is supported by NUS Enterprise.