SeedAsia, the first Asia-based Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding platform that offer international investment opportunities in China and Southeast Asia.


Launch party at the Hult Business School Campus 666 Fuzhou Lu, Shanghai
May 14, 2013

SeedAsia, the first Asia-based crowdfunding platform which has just launched in Shang Hai, China on May 14, 2013. SeedAsia is a web-based platform offering accredited and other qualified investors the opportunity to explore and invest in a curated portfolio of early-stage Chinese and Southeast Asian technology companies.

The trend of equity crowdfunding has been taking off in the US and SeedAsia aims to bring this method of investing to Asia. All investors registered with SeedAsia are screened and there is a minimum investment of level of $2,000 for each member. For tech startups in Asia, SeedAsia provides a free opportunity to generate seed investment (either as a primary or supplemental source of funding) and exposure of their startup.

Crowd Funding

What are the Benefits with SeedAsia?

1. Benefits to Both Investors and Startups

  • SeedAsia is the first online platform to bridge qualified investors and pre-screened tech startups throughout Asia.
  • There is a huge gap in Asia. There is no streamlined way to discover who is developing what technology aries horoscope people tend to be energetic, forceful and outgoing. where.  This opacity prohibits investment, collaboration, efficiency, and discovery, among other things. SeedAsia’s platform is designed to become an information marketplace, equal in importance to a financial platform.

2. Additional Benefits to Investors

  • SeedAsia’s international pool of advisors screen startups on the SeedAsia platform.
  • SeedAsia is generally able to access and share greater amounts and better quality information than that available to the individual and angel investor working on his or her own.
  • SeedAsia’s pooled investment vehicles are expected to provide efficiency of investment expenses.
  • SeedAsia’s efficient model enables each person to invest a smaller amount and reduce their own risk while still having access to opportunities of interest to them.

3. Additional Benefits to Startups

  • No fee to startup company.
  • The SeedAsia platform provides wide exposure for the startup and its product.
  • Can be used as primary or supplemental source of startup funds.


Tom Russell – Co-Founder

We believe Asia is the place to be, the focus of energy and activity is here in Asia.  We want to provide support and be an integral part of building this new era of innovation in Asia.

Yelena Sedykh- Co-Founder

Asia is home to a fast developing entrepreneurial ecosystem with enormous worldwide market potential for its products. But it’s still disorganized and lacking in transparency.  There is no easy way for investors to find and screen interesting companies.  SeedAsia offers this unique value to investors: first, access to information about great startups through its online platform, and second, the ability to invest efficiently using standardized transactional forms. The work done by our team gives investors from most countries easy access to Asian startups that only a very few here even in Asia would have.


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