Screw It, Just Kickstart Your Business Already! An Event for Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

You may have heard your friends and family talk about the coolest business ideas hitting Malaysia during the recent Hari Raya gatherings. What was your response ? Did you feel that you had the same idea six or twelve months ago? You know that ideas are plentiful, innovations are abundant, and technology , especially disruptive technology is changing the way we connect, communicate and conduct business in Malaysia and globally. Are you moving with technology or are you feeling stuck? That’s where Kickstart Business Networking Community (KBNC) comes in.

Formed by four like-minded local entrepreneurs and collaborating with overseas Mentors and Advisors, Kickstart BNC is a platform for sharing ideas, insights and inspiration. Being loathers of early morning networking and forced referral systems, the energetic founders decided to take the model and turn it upside down. Hosted at Starbucks TDI, Kickstart’s evening sessions are casual, relevant, informative and Fun!

One of founders of Kickstart Malaysia, Maverick Foo, Managing Director of Plaseed, a talent development and events company, emphasizes that the events will feature ” prominent business leaders speaking on business, mindset, and technology that are key success factors for today’s entrepreneurs. Maverick adds that a highlight of the new session will be an “Open Mic” section that invites business people to present their business ideas, funding or staffing needs, or partnership opportunities.

Kickstart Malaysia is currently free to participants. Maverick shared that he along with his co-founders experiential learning expert Yandaro Al Amien, award-winning marketer Victor Loh and Harvard-grad movement specialist Anthony Robert III, all agreed that Kickstart Malaysia would look to collaborate with existing business , keep expense low, and look to build a community that focused on providing entrepreneurs support, motivation and know-how that they need, because we sincerely believe we are doing something good for the world.” As a gesture to Starbucks for lending support to the entrepreneurial movement, admission fee to the event is just a cup of coffee.

 Kickstart’s September session is on Tuesday September 11th at Starbucks TTDI at 730pm.

Register yourself now at For more enquiries, simply contact Maverick at +60162252500, or via email [email protected] or see us at Facebook


### Special Thanks to the Organisers of Kickstart Malaysia for bringing this event to life for Entrepreneurs. is proud to be the Community Partner for Kickstart Malaysia’s initiative ###