Lean Startup Conference

Screening Of The Lean Startup Conference In JB

The Lean Startup Conference helps entrepreneurs learn from each other. This year’s event has key sessions for corporate entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, educators, government staff, and growing startups. Hackerspace JB was named an official partner for Johor and will screen the recording at Hackerspace JB, free of charge.

Brimming with founder stories you’ve never heard, fresh case studies and in-depth expert advice you can use immediately, the conference delivers advanced lessons in entrepreneurship.

Whether you’re new to Lean Startup methods or have been putting these practices to use in your organization, this event promises to educate and inform. The Lean Startup Conference brings together leaders from startups, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations to share lessons for building innovative lean organizations. More than 70 entrepreneurs will share their first-hand experiences, including:

  • Marc Andreessen, co-founder and general partner at Andreessen Horowitz
  • Kent Beck from Facebook, expert on product development, and a creator of Agile programming
  • Cindy Alvarez, head of user experience and product design for Yammer (a Microsoft company)
  • Steve Blank, serial entrepreneur, author, lecturer at Stanford
  • Catherine Bracy, Code for America’s director of organizing and engagement
  • Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup

While knowledge about the science of entrepreneurship has gone global, startup ecosystems are always local. Come to Hackerspace JB on 2014-01-03 to meet fellow Johor entrepreneurs interested in creating and managing successful startups. We will be playing the recording repeatedly, from 10am to 10pm.

To register visit here.