Scholarship for i-Workshop (Closing date for application is 7th November 2008)

Alpha Catalyst Consulting is running a public workshop “i-Workshop: Being an Innovation Catalyst” in conjunction with the GE Week. This workshop is part of ACC’s Catalyst for Change ® Workshop series 2008. The i-Workshop’s main objective is to encourage creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in companies. We believe that this is an essential mindset for employees to help their organization or company be more competitive.

ACC is providing 5 scholarships for individuals aged between 21 to 30 years with a passion for creativity and entrepreneurship. The scholarship is aimed to provide opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to expand their thinking capacity and at same time interact with individuals from diverse industries. The normal fee for the workshop is RM 1288.

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i-Workshop: Being an Innovation Catalyst

Date: 20th November 2008

Where do ideas come from?
How can I generate breakthrough ideas?
How can I be more imaginative?
How can I generate more insights?

Insights, ideas, imagination and intuition are the raw material which drives innovation and change. This workshop explores how we, the individual can be an innovation catalyst by immersing ourselves in the Catalyst for Change ® philosophy. The philosophy is less about techniques but more about being. It’s about unlearning and pausing, to allow insight, ideas and imagination to soar. This involves sensing things around you, learning from past gurus as well as reflecting on your own personal experience. At the end of the session we hope that you will be able to gain new insights, re-imagine new possibilities and concepts to design new solutions to the problems or challenges that you are facing at the work place.


This workshop will help participants:

Understand self better
Work more effectively with constraints and limitations.
Use visual thinking to generate insights
Generate new ideas by blending different concepts and ideas
Be a more effective solution designer
Lead the discovery for new solutions
Be a role model for leading change
Obtain the license to innovate (i-license)
Key Topics:

The Rise of the Innovation Economy
The Science behind Creativity and Insights
Fundamentals of Innovation and Solution Design
Catalyst for Change® Philosophy
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