ROCK YOUR REVENUE – Maximize Sales Results for 2009

Participants will be both challenged and entertained at this highly interactive and profound event. Expect to learn new and interesting ways to collaborate, create and connect to Maximize Your Sales Results in 2009
Experience all this by learning at a deeper level about yourself, the ways you relate and specifically through your communication, planning, and results.
When you leave you will be refreshed yet equipped with measures, milestones and action plans to really make the next twelve months a huge success.

Lucky Draws, Products, Video, and Insights from the Ancients Civilizations of Egypt, Mexico, and the Red Sea

On completion of the evening you will:
Enhance your memory, your concentration, and your ability to manifest
Understand your 7 senses and embrace new scientifically proven ways to apply them for your greatest good
How to put together a deal, from sniffing it out to putting pen to paper.
Collaboration is the key to modern business success – how do you collaborate
A seven step sales process that is nothing like you have ever seen before. It begins with NO!
Make sales and deal fun and exciting by using creativity and passion
Ensure purpose in everything you do and watch the magic unfold through respectful communication to your mind, body and spirit.

Dave Rogers
Dave Rogers is an international keynote speaker, author, renowned Deal Maker and the 2007 Spirit of Enterprise Award in Singapore. A Dynamic, Vibrant, and Enthusiastic deal maker, Dave will share his experience, know-how and network with people looking for value to monetize.

Mike Handcock
Mike Handcock is the chairman and founder of Rock Your Life. He is an award winner speaker and author who has recently been mentioned by President Bill Clinton for his philanthropic endeavors.
You will also be exposed to case studies from around the world that you can analyse such as…
Obama’s Social Media Strategy

The likelihood of a black American, educated in a Muslim country that was relatively unknown becoming President was little. Yet through a savvy social media strategy using Facebook, Twitter and others Barack Obama did it. Find out how you can create huge attraction for yourself by learning from Obama.
Most entrepreneurs are neither salespeople or dealmakers yet theirwhole livelyhood depends on it. No sales…no income, No deals… no advancement.

In the past five years Dave and Mike have worked with incredible entrepreneurs in over 30 countries. Some of the secrets will be shared with you on this evening. Dont miss out. This will not be repeated.

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