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Rock Your Life Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Returns to Malaysia to End 2012

The energy in the room vibrates with exhilaration, animated laughter and intrigue.The human dynamo that is Dave Rogers (renowned Entrepreneur Coach in Asia and Head Coach of Rock Your Life) engages with the audience in all his vibrant glory, prodding the recesses of their minds with discerning questions to help them gain clarity in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Matthias Gelber (aka ‘The Green Man’ and international environmental champion) charms the room with his witty humour as he shares his passion and insights in environmental issues and the development of sustainable businesses. In addition to Rogers and Gelber, the panel of five global SAGEs (mentors) for Rock Your Business Malaysia include the flamboyant Mike Handcock (Founder and Chairman of Rock Your Life), the bubbly LiLian Lim (Malaysia’s franchise guru) and the dapper Paul Zaman (international finance expert).

Rock Your Business is far from your typical business seminar. It’s a 3-day extravaganza of highly interactive presentations, personalised and group coaching, and a truly unique experiential learning process with proven results.

It is described as a ‘Harvard Business School meets American Idol’ of Entrepreneurship, which culminates in individuals pitching their business ideas to the panel of SAGEs and attendees, and the one with the highest number of votes wins. Graduates of the programme have successfully secured funding, formed synergistic collaborations and started epic businesses with the support and guidance
of the SAGEs.

Rock Your Business is, in essence, a playground for creative entrepreneurs who are looking to build and grow a business with purpose. Handcock believes that people who experience this unique learning process come to appreciate the fact that business is fundamentally
about love and contribution to society, and not just a way to earn a few bucks.

The programme uses a tailored approach to guide individuals through the process of starting, building and growing a business with purpose, using a unique combination of applied business strategies with spiritual principles for a holistic learning experience.

In Malaysia, the Rock Your Business programme has an environmental focus which caters to the rising prominence of home-grown green entrepreneurs. The recent Rock Your Business Malaysia programme took place on 09 – 11 November 2012. This has been the 5th time it’s been held in KL, and it continues to gain popularity and traction among Malaysian- based entrepreneurs. The programme gets regular rave reviews, and this time was no different.

One of the participants, Sophie Costes, says that attending the programme has been a transformational experience for her. “I am not the same person I was a week ago, and will certainly not be the same at the next Rock Your Business event”, Costes remarked. She added that the programme had given her much-needed clarity as to which direction she should head towards, and expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the amazing support, presence and participation by the SAGEs and attendees alike.

Marilyn and Mark Chua, two siblings who founded the Supersharkz Swim School, emerged as winners of the Rock Your Business Malaysia Award.

Marilyn is an Olympian swimmer, while both of them are former national swimmers. The Supersharkz Swim School’s mission is ‘to provide everyone (regardless of age, race, status and physical ability) the opportunity to learn to swim, and to enjoy and love the water as much as they do.’

Daniel Chang and his team with the ‘Eco Kids Camp’ idea won the Rock Your Business Malaysia Award with the Most International Potential.

Rock Your Business is part of a series of life-changing and transformational events organised by the New Zealand-based Rock Your Life global organisation. Upcoming events in the region include:

Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor (Season 2) – Singapore
22 January 2013
Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor is a global competition run by Rock Your Life in their search for entrepreneurs with the ‘X’ Factor.
Contact: Dave Rogers at [email protected]
*For more information and to get your hands on the limited Early Bird Tickets, click on the Eventbrite link here.

Rock Your Business Malaysia – KL
07 – 09 June 2013
Contact: Maverick Foo at [email protected]
*More information coming soon.