Richest People in Asia as Entrepreneurs

Asia is the melting pot for riches, with 3 of the largest populations in the world focused in Asian countries like China, India and Indonesia, it is no wonder that our own Asian tycoon with a net worth of USD$ 12.5 billion dollars hails from this region, playing his role as an entrepreneur and a¬†philanthropist. He is just a few Asian to have made it to Forbes” 100 Richest Men in the world and is certainly one of Asia”s Richest People alive.

Robert Kuok Hock Nien, a Malaysian businessman from Johor was the son of a commodities trader from China who migrated to Malaysia at the start of the 20th century. Despite coming from such a celebrated background, Kuok admitted that he was once only an Office Boy. Upon completing his studies in Raffles Institution in Singapore, he ventured into being a sugar merchant and who would have thought that a few decades later, he would be controlling the sugar industry in the world.

Since then, Kuok ventured into multiple industries in his belief that diversification was a key success factor to mitigate business risks, and also to get his hands into industries which relied on heavy consumer consumption. This is evident through his ventures in the hotel industry, to freight transportation, to media (He owns a substantial amount of shares in South China Morning Post), plantations, oil, mining, finance, import and export and even publishing.

Moreover, many may not know that he is also the sole-licensee of 10 bottling companies for Coca-Cola, where he distributes to all major countries in Asia. So everytime when you have drink with Coca-Cola, it is more likely that you will be contributing at least a few cents nbso to Robert Kuok.

A further detailed read on his entrepreneurial journeys can be found here, where the author had made a very detailed account on the years of When his company was founded and How he achieved his success in those past years.

But, by just reading up and researching a bit more about this iconic entrepreneur in Asia, it is clear, at least in my opinion that he invests in industries whom we, as human beings need to survive;

  1. Source of Energy/ Food for People (Including sugarcane plantations, sugar refineries, oil)
  2. Information (He controls the media with a strong presence in China and he owns a range of publishing companies)
  3. Communications/ Transportation (He owns freight companies that help us stay connected in this world of trading)
  4. A Roof over our Heads (He owns the luxurious Shangri-La Group and property developments, all tied towards providing us with comforts over our heads)
Perhaps, this is an important lesson for entrepreneurs, especially when everyone else in Silicon Valley are focusing on the next “Facebook” or tech Boom that is yet to come! Sure, companies like Groupon, LinkedIN, Twitter etc. may be the more recent Silicon Valley success stories, but perhaps, if one runs out of ideas to compete with Facebook or the other technology-based companies, lets get back to basics and focus on the 4 key elements which gave Robert Kuok, his billion dollar bank account.
He goes into”s Richest People in Asia as Entrepreneurs list. From Office Boy to a Global Icon.