Virgin Branson

Richard Branson unleashes the Will to Win among Entrepreneurs

Virgin Group founder and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Sir Richard Branson will be the main highlight for the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) this year in England, as he promises to unleash the Will to Win among entrepreneurs.

The Globally renowned British entrepreneur is expected to draw key lessons from his personal entrepreneurship experience and in raising a multi-billion dollar business empire spreading its wings from hospitality, to aviation, to healthcare, to telecommunications, to innovative solutions like an underwater plane (Check it out here) and now more recently, space tourism through Virgin Galactic.

He will headline the first session of the day, in his opening address of ‘Screw It, Just Do It’ where he will kick-off an interactive session with UK Financial Times columnist, Mike Southon while also welcoming questions from over 2,000 people who will be attending this summit.

He will also be playing a ‘Mentoring’ role with budding young entrepreneurs from across the globe, where he will be meeting the graduates from the Virgin Pioneers programme, to young entrepreneurs from the Caribbean and South Africa centres for entrepreneurship including, the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW)’s own Start-Up competition winners. It is expected that such meetings would help these young entrepreneurs gain new inspirations and to succeed like Richard Branson.

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Sir Richard Branson’s entire day timetable can be found here, where the British tycoon will be spending his entire day, soaking into the packed activities for the Global Entrepreneurship Congress.

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The Global Entrepreneurship Congress is an annual event organised by the Kauffman Foundation in the USA, and this year, with joint partners Liverpool Vision based in the UK, to unite entrepreneurs from all across the world, to share best practices, for networking and also to explore opportunities across local borders.