Richard Branson Supports Young Talents

Richard Branson to Rock Liverpool Echo Arena for Young Entrepreneurs

Sir Richard Branson will be appearing among 2,000 entrepreneurs from all around the world who have gathered at the Liverpool Echo Arena for the Global Entrepreneurship Congress. Carrying the theme, “Unleashing the Will to Win” or simply “Dare to Win”, Branson will offer some timely advice to fellow entrepreneurs at this summit, made possible through Liverpool Vision and the Kauffman Foundation.

I am on my train ride now, at this point from London into Liverpool, where i will be staying for the next few days leading up to the 13th of March 2012, where i will be meeting this iconic entrepreneur. Of course, this is not the first time i will be meeting Sir Richard Branson, as i have met him personally before during his tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This is a very timely advice especially for those who are starting up young in entrepreneurship. As Richard Branson said it, perhaps the best time to experiment and to be entrepreneurial is when we are young, and i agree personally – Especially when we still have the Energy, the Passion and especially no strings attached towards Family Commitments yet to do something we want in our lives.

We never know unless we try! Look at Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, to Bill Gates of Microsoft, to even Sir Richard Branson himself who founded a record company when he dropped out of school. Age is never the limit, and hear it for yourself here in my interview on the spot, in the hall with Sir Richard Branson.