Entrepreneurs.my contributor - Michael Teoh with the Founder of Virgin - Sir Richard Branson

Richard Branson in Malaysia for Invest Asia 2010 Summit

Multi-billionaire Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and a Dare-Devil, Sir Richard Branson graced the Invest Asia 2010 Summit in Malaysia this morning, with his Special Keynote address to a crowd of 800 global CEOs, businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs.my’s contributor – Michael Teoh was lucky to get himself a pass to the prestigious conference, where more incredible speakers are expected to share their thoughts about alternatives investments, wealth strategies and business trends with the strong crowd who have gathered in Malaysia for the 2 days event.

Speakers like Mary Buffett, the daughter-in-law to the world’s most Successful Invester – Warren Buffett, to the Chair of Strategy from world renowned business school – INSEAD to the founders of global conglomerates and household names in the world of business.

However, Michael was there to share the moment, listening to the Founder of Virgin’s speech, in which he summarized to be ‘So Inspiring that it Motivates You to Achieve Your Wildest Dreams again!’

The Founder of Virgin which currently has around 300 companies under its global umbrella, related his experiences in doing business and taking them global with crowd.

Key Lessons shared were;

  • Advice to the youths and young entrepreneurs to start young and be bold in trying out new ventures
  • Recommended that governments should play a minimal role in a country’s business eco-system to encourage natural competition
  • Emphasised that Entrepreneurs are People who would Give Things a Try, and Not being Embarrassed of Failures and They will Try Again!
  • Shared about how Businesses should now have a triple bottom-line – By generating sustainable profits to keep operations running to retaining and grooming talents and a nice workplace environment to saving the world or contributing towards solving social causes
  • Advised managers and CEOs to praise and recognize the achievements of their workforce and teams, in an effort to motivate them to contribute more and be loyal towards the company
  • Recommended that CEOs or government officials, no matter how high up, should always reach out to the people by the ‘Front-lines’ – As Branson put it ‘The people that would most likely to understand the needs of your customers, are those who interacts with them personally everyday!’
  • Suggesting the Equation that Company = People – Without Good People, You will not Build Good Companies

Of course, Michael Teoh was one of the lucky delegates in the summit, where he managed to catch the attention of the billionaire entrepreneur and chatted about the youths’ involvement in Entrepreneurship and Business.

Entrepreneurs.my is proud to feature this 1st article about Sir Richard Branson’s trip to Malaysia and we are sure, that he would have enjoyed his trip here today!

The summit will continue for Day 2, where the 800 delegates will be inspired by another Keynote Speaker – Mary Buffett who is expected to share the timeless lessons learned from her father-in-law in making profitable investments.

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