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Revolutionizing the Creative Media Industry’s Business Model in Malaysia – Part 3

In our last part of a 3 story series of interview with Caitlin Burns, Transmedia Producer of Starlight Runner Entertainment, we ask the questions of the influence of social media on revolutionizing our local content creation and creative industry in Malaysia. Ms. Burns had previously worked on transmedia projects related to Hasbro’s Transformers movies, Pirates of the Caribbean and TRON Legacy to name a few. We also discuss about the barriers that Malaysian entrepreneurs would say when turning their content into the transmedia industry. 

Continued from Part 2…

6) How has social media changed the way of the transmedia industry?

Caitlin Burns:

The Transmedia Industry as it exists now really grew by leaps and bounds with the advent of social media. This sort of communication and community building network is what truly allows creators and audiences to speak to one another and share their work and opinions. Before social media, and the distribution it allows, it was much more difficult to learn what fans thought of projects, or to find the budget to advertise a small project. Now those barriers have dropped away for a huge group of people, and created a global appetite for exciting new ideas and thrillingly creative art.

7) What are some of the barriers to entry for budding entrepreneurs to make it in the transmedia industry?

Caitlin Burns:

The first big barrier is understanding. Not only understanding what developing for multiple platforms means, but learning how to do that in a rapidly changing international entertainment market. The good news is, literally everyone is trying to answer those questions so budding entrepreneurs are not alone. The climate for creators right now in transmedia is very open, people are willing to share expertise and comment on new projects on twitter, on Facebook and by email the real trick is that: you have to ask questions yourself.

Be willing to reach out to others, not just famous or noted figures in the field (though your readers can reach me on Twitter: @Caitlin_Burns) but other people who you see doing interesting work in a similar position. Know that you don’t know everything and if you want to learn how to make a game, ask a game developer. If you want to make a web series, ask someone who already has. Chances are, they will respond and want to know more about what you are doing as well, and if they don’t, shrug it off, someone else will. We’re all trying to figure out what will be interesting next, what experiences, what stories, and that’s true for people all over the world. No one will know you have something to say unless you speak up.

A few leaders in the field like Jeff Gomez (@Jeff_Gomez on twitter) and the speakers at Kreative.Asia this weekend have committed themselves to teaching these techniques to the world, myself included. I’ve gotten their help and support the same way, collaboration and mutual support is necessary for everyone to navigate this world that is more interconnected and globally accessible than ever before. By sharing knowledge with one another, everyone benefits.

Conclusion of 3 Part Series Interview.

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Caitlin Burns is a Transmedia Producer with Starlight Runner Entertainment, New York-based entertainment studio that specializes in transmedia development and production. There she creates and influences fictional universes that are familiar to millions worldwide including: Pirates of the Caribbean, and Tron Legacy for Disney, James Cameron’s AvatarHalo for Microsoft, The Happiness Factory for Coca-Cola, and Transformers for Hasbro. She has also worked with Showtime, Sony, Nickelodeon, Scholastic, Nelvana, and Wieden+Kennedy.

 Ms. Burns is speaking at Kreative.Asia this April 6-8, 2012, register at or email to