BRANDAID$ iE-book Branding Guide

Review: The Start-Up Guide for Branding that Entrepreneurs Must Get!

If you have been following, you would notice that we are beginning to get more experts from a diverse range of fields to share their expertise, ideas, best practices and tips for all of you, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Working Professionals and Students out there who frequent our site. Reaching out to 30,000 readers per month now and climbing isn’t an easy feat to maintain, hence we have diversified our content, adding BRANDING for Start-Ups into the mix. So, we decided to do a Book Review for our newest Branding Expert’s upcoming book here.

Review the teaser for an upcoming e-book on Branding? Why not – I asked myself, especially since the author was someone I had not touched base with for some time.

Evelyn Samuel is a serial entrepreneur whom I had met when I too had been involved in Branding so there was much we had to catch up on. She has vast experience in delivering brands across a wide variety of industries and in different countries and cultures to gain more customers. In short, I’ve invited her to share her insights into Branding with us regularly – who doesn’t want more and more customers?

From my own personal experience of seeing how early start-up brand flourish because of their consistency in their messages, brand values and perceptions among their customers, have led them to not only gain better recognition for their products and services in the market, but rather, become a ‘Household Name’ among their regulars. This would have allowed them to carve a unique niche for themselves. Consider these examples below;

Malaysia’s national ICT initiative, pioneered during the time of Tun Dr. Mahathir. Despite being an older brand compared to the many government agencies that have been launched since, MSC Malaysia still stands strong in the minds of many professionals in the ICT sector as the ‘Flagship Brand’ that represents Policies, Programmes, Incentives and the Vision set by Malaysia’s leadership in the country’s pursuit to enhance its frameworks for a more robust Knowledge-Based and Innovation-Led Economy.

myBurgerLab is the latest food sensation to hit town! Founded by a group of young entrepreneurs who have mastered the art of preparing delicious grilled burgers from a wide variety from the ever demanding KL crowd, i was most interested with the way how the founders branded their first outlet, and how the environment within the restaurant reflected on the ‘Quality and Special’ values and feeling that diners would have while feasting on their burgers there. No doubt, you can see how strong, clear and proper branding for a food start-up has helped it differentiate itself from other local burger shops. And in this case, myBurgerLab is a great example on why Branding is important, even when you are a start-up!

Now, back to the Branding E-Book that i am reviewing…

But what about her e-book? It is a compilation of 12 actual stories of different types of Branding, for a range of industries from MLM to business names to choclatiers (see snipets on the introductory video at the link attached) selected to give entrepreneurs ideas which can be adapted easily into their own businesses. And here’s the inviting twist: she is giving away a range of pre-launch rewards to those who want to pitch into publishing the book, starting from just USD1/- ! I’ve seen the rewards, and all of them are worth much more than what they are listed for. I am pitching in, and you can too by clicking on this link Hurry though, as the deadline for getting the rewards is in a few days!