Reader’s Report: Pimping Your Business in Malaysia for Success

This is the 2nd column written by our readers, who have attended the BFM Breakaway Conference 2012. As part of Entrepreneurs.my’s campaign to Thank our readers for helping us hit the 50,000 readership mark monthly, we are giving away tickets to exclusive events like these. And these readers have come back to us with written reports from what they have learnt from these conferences. Right now, hear it from the top entrepreneurs on ‘Pimping’ your business to make it look sexy and attractive, despite being in a crowded marketplace.

Special thanks to Chloe Yap, our reader from Monash University who has written this piece for Entrepreneurs.my. She was one of the lucky winners of our Ticket-Giveaway in our Facebook page ‘Malaysia Entrepreneurs’ — So subscribe to us now on FACEBOOK!

In the second session of BFM Enterprise Breakaway, Pimp My Biz 2012: Simple Solutions to Common SME Problems, is moderated and led by Shankar Santhiram (Principal Consultant of EQTD Consulting).

They introduced two panelists namely Joshua Rayan (Founder/ CEO of Words Wizards Creative Communications) and Yusuff Yakob (Founder/ Managing Director of Home Nursing Providers). This session aims at helping SMEs push through existing boundaries to take their business further.

Joshua Rayan is a copywriter and public relations specialist by training, Rayan made his foray into media relations and writing since college . He works as a freelance writer for various newspapers and magazines in Malaysia and Singapore.

JR: You don’t get a second chance to make a good impression.

JR: We believe that every company, whether big or small has a great story to share. But maybe, you just haven’t found the right people to tell it like you’ve wanted. We can.

JR: In the beginning of business, Sucess = Happiness. At the end of business, Happiness = Success. If you are successful but you are not happy, what is the point?


 Yusuff Yakob founded the Malaysia’s first fully-integrated professional mobile nursing, Yakob Abdul Rahman Wilhelm Scholer, in year 2004. They provide a wide range of health care services at home such as nursing, Physiotherapy, doctor visit and rental of Medical Equipment.

YY: Getting customer is not an issue but quality is.

YY: Deliver best services -> Collect Feedback -> Improve . With feedbacks, you realize the top notch workers in the company so that you can allocate your workers with different tasks, and guide them to deliver based on the clients’ expectations.