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Programme to Grow Successful Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups with Great Ideas in Malaysia

Cradle Fund has teamed up with entrepreneurship learning and coaching company, Proficeo to develop and now run an Entrepreneurs and Start-Up coaching programme from the 29th of March to the 30th of March. The programme which is supported by the Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM), aims to educate budding entrepreneurs to assess the risk and success factors of their ideas before launching their businesses to avoid business failures, which is seen to be common today. Aims to churn out great ideas from start-ups as well, this programme will be held at Plug & Play Technology Garden, Midvalley in Kuala Lumpur. 


This programme is designed to help entrepreneurs to evaluate their business ideas and discover what needs to be done to create a sustainable business venture. You will be taught how to apply the BOSS (Business Opportunity Sweet Spot) Model via the Opportunity Identification-Execution Canvas.


•Entrepreneurs who were unsuccessful in obtaining grants and don’t know what was wrong with their idea
•Entrepreneurs who have obtained grants to develop prototypes but unsure about building a business
•Entrepreneurs who are experiencing an uphill battle of commercialising their ideas
•Start-up companies who are looking to expand their business ideas and discover new opportunities to grow their ventures

This is a 2-day programme designed for entrepreneurs. The programme is structured to provide you with thinking and planning tools to evaluate your ideas and assess the viability of building a business around the idea. The programme also includes an interactive pitch cum advisory session with the coaches to help you shape your business ideas into a sustainable venture. Leave your egos at home and come ready to accept constructive criticisms.

 Day One:

You are encouraged to attend the programme with your team mates and work together with them and your peers from other teams/companies during workshop exercises.

Day Two:

Working with your team to prepare your business pitch to the coaches. You will be expected to pitch your re-worked idea to a panel of coaches. Coaches will provide constructive feedback and suggest strategies to improve your idea.

This programme will help you answer the following questions:

 “I think my idea is fantastic but why is there no market uptake?” 

“I have received positive feedback on my product but what do I need to do to create a viable business?”

“How can I improve on my current business ideas?”

Anyone can start a business with just an idea that may seem great at first until you start spending time and money on it only to discover that the idea may not be as great as you initially thought. Time and again you may come across situations where you ask yourself “Is this right?”, “Am I doing the right thing?, “Should I continue?”, “Where did it all go wrong?”, “I should have figured this out first before venturing?”, and etc.

STOP! — Give it some thoughts to all budding entrepreneurs…

Attend this programme before you sink deeper into the ground.

This programme is brought to you by Cradle Fund Sdn. Bhd., with educational training provided by Proficeo and is supported by the Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia. The event is arranged to be held in Kuala Lumpur, where many budding entrepreneurs and technology start-ups can expect one of the most ‘Crowded’ weeks in the entrepreneurship scene locally, as events like WebcampKL, Hackaweekend and Technorepreneurs Open Day are all held. For us here in Entrepreneurs.my, we definitely see a healthy growth in our technopreneurship scene here.

For more information, please contact; Andi at [email protected]