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Microsoft BizSpark To Accelerate Success of Malaysian Start-up Companies

Kuala Lumpur, November 6, 2008 – Microsoft Malaysia today announced the launch of the Microsoft BizSpark program, a quality initiative designed to accelerate the success of local Malaysian technopreneurs and early stage start-ups through software support and a vibrant ecosystem that delivers superior business advantage.

According to Yasmin Mahmood, Managing Director, Microsoft Malaysia, the broad mandate of Microsoft BizSpark is to encourage innovation, creativity and nurture entrepreneurialism amongst today’s most promising start-ups by providing access to software, tools and resources at a stage where they need it most but can least afford it, ensuring their passage to becoming tomorrow’s most successful businesses.

The BizSpark program is centred on three key pillars, which also outline the resulting benefits for each participating start-up:
Get Software
Start-ups will receive fast and easy access to Microsoft’s current full-featured development tools, platform technologies, and production licenses of server products for immediate use in developing and bringing to market innovative and interoperable solutions with no upfront costs and minimal requirements.
Get Support
Start-ups will receive professional support from Microsoft and the BizSpark Network Partners locally and around the world who provide a wide range of support resources for software start-ups. Network Partners are incubators, investors, advisors, government agencies and hosters who are vested in software-fueled innovation and entrepreneurship.
Get Visibility
A dedicated Website, the BizSparkDB, will highlight promising companies from around the world every day. Through their relationship with Microsoft and the BizSpark Network Partners, start-ups will receive global visibility to an audience of potential investors, clients and partners.
Yasmin continued that BizSpark is designed recognizing that start-ups are the business and technology leaders of tomorrow, maintaining that Microsoft has always viewed the development of the local software economy of great importance to the industry and to Malaysia, hence the company’s RM300 million commitment and investment in the industry’s future over the next three years.

She said, “We’re helping local start-ups realize their potential and experience the opportunities made possible through technology. Through this program, start-ups and technopreneurs will have access to RM625,000 worth of world class tools, technologies and market resources to help bring new ideas, new companies and new software innovation to life.

“BizSpark is also a result-oriented initiative. Already we have 10 start-ups signed-on to form the pioneer batch and we target 500 companies to be equipped over the next three years. And from our estimates, based on the success of our other programs, these companies will create some 5000 new jobs in Malaysia, and will generate an additional RM1 billion for the local software economy.”

Partners See Potential and Announce Support for BizSpark
As a key part of driving this growth and development, BizSpark is backed by a local and global community of resources committed to helping each start-up achieve success. Eleven industry stakeholders, including the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and the Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry Malaysia (PIKOM) today signed-on as Network Partners in support of BizSpark and its mandate to fire-up and fuel the growth of start-ups in the country. (Please see attached document for full list of Network Partners and quotes.)

“BizSpark is one of the first initiatives that has managed to pull together such a widespread industry alliance, involving the strategic and relevant agencies who are vested in software-fueled innovation and entrepreneurship thereby providing a powerful global partner ecosystem to support start-up success. MDeC’s involvement as a network partner, will help us focus on accelerating the growth and capacity building of local start-ups, fueling our vision towards a k-economy and lending global recognition of MSC Malaysia’s efforts and success in capability development,” said Saifol Shamlan, Vice President of ICT industry caretaker MDeC, while witnessing the signing ceremony.

Also present as witness and network partner, David Wong, Chairman of PIKOM, resounded the statement, “As an association that continually seeks to improve the business climate and promote industry growth, we believe our members will reap the benefits of this BizSpark intiative – a global community of peers, entrepreneurial resources and experts who understand and can help address the unique technical and business development challenges that start-ups face. In short, start-ups will have every resource available to them from idea conception right up to marketing and selling their products.”

BizSpark Pioneers Capitalize on Opportunity
To mark the launch and reflecting the great potential of this program, the event saw the first ten local start-up companies announce their participation in this initiative. Advanced Real Time Systems Sdn Bhd (ARTS), Aeflex Technologies, Byte One Technology Sdn. Bhd, FonPackets, Objective World Sdn Bhd, Petraware Solutions Sdn Bhd, Softphix Technology Sdn Bhd, Teknologi Sistem Merpati, Urekalabs Sdn Bhd and Wise Aviation Sdn Bhd were each given an award for their initiative and enthusiasm to form the pioneer batch of the BizSpark program.

In her closing statement, Yasmin cited the importance of lending a helping hand when it is needed most, “During times of economic stress, it’s even more important that start-ups have the technology and market resource support they need to succeed and we believe the combination of technology and partner support provided by BizSpark is the right formula needed to put young companies on the road to success.”

Microsoft BizSpark Availability
According to Microsoft Malaysia’s Senior Lead for Software Innovation Initiatives, Peter Tam, “Microsoft BizSpark is a three-year program made available for technopreneurs and start-ups that have formed private companies developing software-based products or services and have been in business for less than three years with an annual revenue of less that USD$0.5 million or RM1.75 million.”

“Through BizSpark, start-ups will be given a Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Premium three-year subscription, giving them access to download a broad set of design and development tools needed to build, test and maintain an application on the Microsoft platform, as well as professional support services and expert information resources. For start-ups building hosted software, BizSpark includes production licenses for the application and management servers including Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Portal Server, Biztalk Server and Systems Center, with Dynamics CRM to be added soon. The program will also provide a worldwide network of hosting partners, offering discounted hosting services to start-ups wishing to take their business or product online using their BizSpark licenses. Finally, start-ups will have the opportunity be profiled and promoted on the BizSparkDB, an online start-up directory, where Microsoft will promote promising start-ups from around the world every day,” Tam concluded.

Start-ups can find out more about Microsoft BizSpark at Microsoft’s “Get Your Start-up Fired Up!” hosted events in Kuala Lumpur (November 19) and Penang (November 29). To register and learn more, please visit:

GEW Partners Meeting and Soft Launch

Partners Getting Ready for GEW Malaysia

The partners meeting was one remarkable one. We learn that partners of GEW Malaysia are all gearing up to make The Week 7 crazy week of entrepreneurship madness.

We are Ready

So far there are 66 partners and the number is increasing every single day as organizations and people are stepping forward to the cause of promoting entrepreneurship.

Even the Deputy Minister of Entrepreneurship, showed up to do a soft launch of the week. In his speech he said admire the initiative taken by GEW and its partners. Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah is pledge his fullest support to our crusade. We really appreciate the support.

For those who are dying to participate, we are finalizing our partners activities for the week but here some of the events that will be happening during GEW. (and before)

8,9 November. (The open source event in Malaysia)

12th November. Going For Broke Book Launch

17th November., Speed Networking and Official Launch of GEW Malaysia

18th November. Breakfast with Entrepreneurs, VC2E, president of make.

19th November. The Lemonade Story

20th November. The Green Project

21st November. Celebrity Entrepreneurs Sessions

22nd November. Startup Camp

23nd November. Startup Camp

So what are you waiting for? Make your Mark!!

Update: The photos are up in Malaysia Entrepreneurs‘s group on Facebook. Tag yourself.

Press Release – Winners of WCG ‘08 Singapore appeal for funds to compete in global championships

Singapore, August 26, 2008 – An online fund-raising campaign has been started to enable Singapore’s top cyber-athletes compete in the upcoming Grand Finals of the World Cyber Games (WCG) ‘08 in Cologne, Germany. This fund-raising campaign is crucial after gamers were stranded without sponsorship even though they qualified at the National Finals to represent Singapore. Three of these Singaporean champions are even medal hopefuls in Cologne

World Cyber Games (WCG) is the world’s largest and most recognized gaming festival. This year, more than 800 of the world’s best cyber-athletes from over 70 countries will be arriving in Cologne, Germany to compete.

Unless our six national cyber-athletes manage to raise S$5,000 each by September, they will not be able to represent Singapore in Cologne even though they won that opportunity by qualifying at the Singapore National finals.

Unlike other countries like China and South Korea, Singapore has yet to recognize cyber-gaming as a national sport. Therefore these cyber-athletes find a lack of structured support even though some of them have performed consistently well on the international stage.

In a last ditch attempt to participate and win in what has been hailed by some as the equivalent of the cyber Olympics, our national cyber-athletes have decided to personally raise the $30,000 needed to cover airfares, accommodation and tournament entrance fees.

Inspired by their maturity and determination, (Singapore) Cybersports and Online Gaming Association (SCOGA) has decided to help these cyber-athletes because one of the cornerstone of our mission is to “achieve international success and recognition for Singapore in competitive gaming”.

Some of our cyber-athletes actually stand a good chance of winning medals and bringing home the glory. Team members have previously won numerous pan-Asian and international titles including

– 2005 World Cyber Games International Grand Finals Dead or Alive 1st Runner Up
– 2006 World Cyber Games Asian Championship Dead or Alive Champion
– 2007 World Cyber Games Asian Championship Dead or Alive 1st Runner Up
– 2007 Championship Gaming Series Pan-Asian Championship Team Champion
– 2007 Championship Gaming Series World Finals FIFA Individual 2nd Runner-Up
– 2007 Championship Gaming Series World Finals Dead or Alive Individual Champion

The players who have won WCG ?08 Singapore and being supported in this fundraising are Mohamed Phirkhan s/o Mohamed Yusuf Khan (FIFA 08), Mohamed Fadhil Bin Mohamed Anwar (Need for Speed), Dennis Ooi (Command & Conquer 3), Lim Wei Yang (Warcraft III), Danny Koo Kwok En (Virtua Fighter 5) and Wilson Chia (Virtua Fighter 5).

Of these 6 players, SCOGA have strong reasons to believe that Wilson, Phirkhan and Danny have good medal chances in Cologne. However, SCOGA will be fund-raising for all 6 with a goal of S$30,000/- through our online website.

Donations can be made through Paypal, cheque, and by 28th of August, through eNETS which supports Mastercard and VISA. We have to reach our targets by early September 08. Sponsorships are also welcome.

At the time of writing, close to S$5,000/- have been raised through the gaming community and friends.

On behalf of our Singapore cyber-champions, we plead for your support to donate and help us spread the word – we have put up some banners and widgets which you can add to your own blogs and sites. Your support is crucial in sending these Singaporeans to „cyber Olympics? and win a medal for Singapore.

We do not have much time and every effort counts.

Notes to Editor:
– For complete player profiles, please visit
– For more information on WCG, please visit
– For additional information or to interview the athletes, please contact Nicholas Khoo.

Contact Information:

Nicholas Khoo, SCOGA Co-Founder
Nicholas (at)

Kelvin Tan, SCOGA President and Co-Founder
[email protected]

SCOGA was formally registered as Cybersports and Online Gaming Association (Singapore) in Febuary 2008 with the mission “to develop local gaming communities, through education, to achieve international success and recognition for Singapore in competitive gaming”. In the midst of registering as a National Sports Association, the acronym SCOGA has been used instead of ‘COGA(S)’
because we plan to be the national organisation for Singapore eSports eventually with ‘Singapore’ in front of the organisation name. The executive committee is made up of some of the top cyberatheletes, coaches, managers of the Singapore eSports scene as well as concerned parents, educators and doctors. Our patron is Dr Yeo Ning Hong, who is also the current patron of
Singapore National Olympic Committee.

SCOGA is very much in our infancy and in the midst of planning exciting events for 2008/09. More information can be found on