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Peer Network Review Funding

Malaysia EPF invest RM342 Billion every year. We get EPF to invest 0.1% = RM342 Million in entrepreneurs. Invest base on concept of peer network review.

Means that entrepreneur who is asking for funding must demonstrate that he / she is credible person and must get as many people as possible to vouch for the entrepreneur’s credibility.

So, that we know the money provided to the entrepreneur will be put into good use to build a business & create jobs.

As we know… We (employers + employees) contribute approx. 23% (collectively) back to EPF; EVERY month.

If you do the math & assuming that 30% of work cap (which is low) goes towards wage bill, EPF will get return on capital invested in the entrepreneur’s business within 15 months!!

Does not include equity & interest gains, assuming EPF is allowed or keen to take equity & interest into this scheme.

So, EPF wins if there are more jobs created and people contribute back to EPF. If there are no jobs or tightening of belts, the working class will opt for smaller contributions or (worst) no contributions & that does not help EPF either.

So, how many jobs can we create?

If each entrepreneur gets (say) RM 500k, then RM342M will be able to fund 684 NEW companies. If each biz hires average 50 people, we can immediately CREATE 34,200 NEW jobs.

Say nothing about the spending power that 34,200 people with money in their pockets can do to give even more jobs to more people.

Plus Entrepreneurs create business for other businesses.

And not to forget wealth creation, capacity building in terms of intellectual capital, new innovative product & services offering… 

Lastly even if only 10% of the 684 companies make it; i.e. 68 companies make it BIG and their 500k becomes 10x more valuable (which is also small, going by my personal track record), we would have “put back” the entire RM 340 million. Best of all this amount would go into the greater economy and not just EPF.

Multiplier effect is HUGE.

By Guest Contributor

Gerald Lim, CEO at GENME Group Sdn Bhd. Gerald is also an investor of startup

YEP – Young Entrepreneurship Programme

There are so many university courses out there today – mostly focused on academic qualifications and classroom learning. That’s well and good if you are a book-worm but if you’ve ever thought to yourself “theory is great but how do I use this in the real world?”, then the Young Entrepreneurship Programme (YEP) may be for youYEP is a special 18-month programme designed for kids after SPM, who want to pursue a career in entrepreneurship instead of the traditional university education. This programme has a hands-on practical approach to learning which ensures that you graduate only when you have your own business and have good revenue from the venture.

Research has proven that people learn best by doing. The YEP approach to learning is based on a 70-20-10 model, which ensures that 70% of learning is experiential, 20% based on role modeling & networking and the final 10% of learning classroom based.

YEP Timeline

YEP highlights include modules like Boot Camp, CEO Round Table, Field Trips, Community Drive, Readers for Leaders, Make or Break, Entrepreneurial Minds, Practical Practice Programme modules and numerous other modules which include interaction with notable leaders such as Tony Fernandez of AirAsia, Roshan Thiran and other captains of industry and entrepreneurship.

For Boot Camp, you will go off site for a few days and get deep immersion into essential personal and business skills. CEO Round Table is where you interact with key business leaders and get first-hand knowledge and experiences from their success stories. In the Field Trips module, you will visit businesses to gain insights of its underlying fundamentals, as well as, understand the challenges and complexity of running a business. Community Drive seeks to cultivate social entrepreneurship and teaches you to create something from nothing. In Readers For Leaders, we build your foundation of learning and connect you with leading edge and battle-tested innovations practices. Make Or Break teaches you to focus and analyze successes and failures of Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and SMEs through case studies. Entrepreneurial Minds throws you into creative business labs and think-tanks. Practical Practice Programme teaches you how to work in different environments and compete in teams and develop the right skills and mindset. And best of all, there are no exams!

Mastery Modules

YEP also provides selected mastery courses focused on 4 essential areas of Mastery: Leadership, Business, Functional and Personal Mastery. Personal mastery enhances your personal skills through discovery of your natural abilities and strengths and how best to leverage these in your new business ventures. Business mastery exposes you to business specific issues such as strategy, financial management, and driving processes and change. Leadership mastery gives you the ability to inspire others and develop your decision making ability. Lastly, functional mastery equips you with field-specific technical skills to build you into a competent leader and entrepreneur .

Summary of YEP

If you want to embark on a wonderful journey that changes your life and provides you with knowledge, skills and motivation to become a successful entrepreneur, YEP is definitely for you. Jack Welch, the most famous CEO of the 20th century said “Control your destiny or someone else will”. YEP is a way for you to chart your entrepreneurial future.

YEP is a programme in the School of Entrepreneurship in Scuola Superiore Leaderononics, a new learning institute of ‘hard knocks’. To learn more about the YEP course and Scuola Superiore, you can visit or email/contact [email protected] or call +60128733755. First intake May 5th, 2009 and only limited places available so register quickly!

We have a new Web2.0 contributor

Ching, Daniel CerVentus and Keng Yew

As some of you might realized there is someone else posting stuff on MYE.

Malaysia Entrepreneurs would like to welcome Tham Keng Yew to be part of the team in MYE.  Keng Yew as he is most commonly known is co-founder of  soon to be launch SocialWalk. This start up is going to be focus on helping events organizers run their events.

Keng Yew will be creating contents which are focus on the Web2.0 entrepreneurs scene in Malaysia. We know some of you might know him but for the rest, give him a warm welcome to MYE.

Photo is taken by Cheryl Goh at BeercampKL.


William Du of  MIRC Ingenious Capital Partners are inviting entrepreneurs to witness their official launch of the MICP and Technopreneur Venture Manaagement Fund this 20th November. Below are the invitation details.

We are pleased to invite you to the official launch of MIRC Ingenious Capital Partners (MICP) and Technopreneur Venture Management (TVM) Fund. The newly elected MCA President cum Minister of Transport, YB Dato’ Seri Ong Tee Keat and MCA New Technology & Innovation Bureau Chairman cum Deputy Minister of Finance, YB Dato’ Kong Cho Ha, will be present to officiate the launch itself.

MIRC Ingenious Capital Partners (MICP) is a joint venture between MIRC Incubator Sdn Bhd and Ingenious Haus Group, to provide venture capital financing to emerging technologies companies in the ICT industry. The venture capital fund managed by MICP is known as Technopreneur Venture Management (TVM) fund with an investment capital of RM 5 million from Huaren Management Holdings Bhd. TVM Fund will invest up to RM 500,000 into each eligible company.

MICP envisions itself to be a strong catalyst and important motivator towards successful entrepreneurship ventures by our involvement in early stage financing. We are in the business of seeding hope to entrepreneurs who have the passion, drive and commitment; and simultaneously creating business values and investment returns to our stakeholders.

Venture capital funding for the ICT industry has declined over the years. We recognize the difficulties of IT entrepreneurs raising fund for commercialization and growth of their business. MICP aims to fill the investment gap between early stage and late stage of a technology company. Hence, the TVM Fund plays an important role in MIRC’s SME Development Blueprint 2008 – 2012 launched recently to provide funding to SMEs as a whole.

We will be delighted if you would accept our invitation to attend the launching ceremony. Following are the launching ceremony details:

Date: 20th November 2008 (Thursday)
Time: 2.00pm – 4.30pm
Venue: Level 12, Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang, 50450, Kuala Lumpur

Attached herewith is the tentative program itinerary and RSVP form for your kind perusal. Lastly, we look forward to your participation in witnessing this significant day to both MIRC & the ICT Industry. Please confirm your presence by the 18th November 2008. Should you require further details or clarification, please contact Ms. Ashley Tan, Mr. Ivan Tan or Mr. Eddie Lau at 03 – 2161 1618.

Pop Malaya’s “Young Guns”


Young Guns ’08 is a part of this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week and focuses more on the creatives. According to Zul of Pop Collective, interested participants will get to learn from our industry’s creative minds on how to make a business out of their passions – yes it can be done, people. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

Buy My Thoughts – “an informal pitching session where participants will be selling their ideas to potential investors that would be present for this activity. A participant is given 10 minutes to present their ideas to the investors on that day.”

Something To Talk About – “an inspirational talk session featuring young entrepreneurs and personas from various backgrounds of the creative disciplines.”

Creative exhibitions – “Exhibitions or promotional booths from local rising entrepreneurs which would consist of entrepreneurs from music, fashion and arts genres”

Indie fashion showcase (outdoor) – “All kind of designers from street wear to avant garde designers will showcase their masterpieces with models doing the runway along with runway background tracks played by DJs.”

The green stuff – “A kiosk giving out basic information on finance, financial support systems, investment and most importantly, money.”

Idea pockets – “A small section where every participant can sit down in a corner for idea exchange sessions, where constructive discussions takes place.”

Futurematic wall – Basically, it’s a wall with profile of the event’s participants, listed with their dreams and ambitions. It will be shared with everyone.

Keen? Check out their Facebook for contact details and more info




Swepa is a non-Governmental organization, established in 1993, and registered in 1994. SWEPA , currently has more than 100 members, with more than 50% young entrepreneurs and professionals, that comes from diverse background, religion, race, upbringing and businesses. SWEPA is very honored to be invited by Warisan Global Sdn Bhd, Malaysian Host to be Partner Organization of this global initiatives, which we are very proud of.
SWEPA Members are cordially invited to SWEPA Special Members’ Nite

With Theme:

by : Ms Jeaneatte Tambakau (propreitress of Jari-Jari SPA)

To provide opportunity to interact and to network with one another;
To learn about body massage and its importance to health and wellness.

Date : 22nd November 2008
Time: 7:00pm-8.30pm (Pot-Luck Dinner & Speeches) &
8.30pm-10.30pm (Session)
Venue: Jari Jari Spa Beauty Centre
Plaza Tanjung Aru, 2nd Floor, Block B, Lot 2.1,
Jalan Mat Salleh, Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu
Tel : 088-272606
Dress Code : Casual

Pot-Luck Food: Finger Food is recommended

We look forward to your participation.
(strictly for members)

Call Ardilah Radzwan (Organizing Chairperson) at 012-8380310 to RSVP

Social Entrepreneur Wins AYA Awards 2008

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 November 2008 – The winners of the AYA Dream Malaysia Awards
were announced today, with Dhinu Dhanveer Singh of SOLS247 being awarded Most Outstanding
Youth of the Year and SMASH being recognized as Youth Friendly Company of the Year.
The Awards, an annual event aimed to recognize the exceptional spirit of young Malaysians
and companies that are enthusiastically investing in the youth of today.
“More than the Awards just being an event or a one night affair, it is a dream for a better, brighter future. The Awards seeks to send a clear message to the world that the spirit of a man is still more valuable and important in the building of a nation – be it through the development of an individual or an institution -than skills or schooling,” said founder and Director of AYA, Kenneth Chin.

“I believe if all the youth in Malaysia or any part of the world for that matter, are able to focus
on character and morals – we as youth will be able to provide a better future for our kids,”
remarked Dhinu clenching this year’s Most Outstanding Youth of the Year.
The Awards encapsulate the heart of what AYA is all about – belief and commitment to the
emerging generation. The two categories – Most Outstanding Youth of the Year and Youth
Friendly Company of the Year – saw many potential candidates being nominated but only
seven youths and five companies finally made the cut.

The other candidates for The Most Outstanding Youth of the Year were as follows:

• Anisa Nishat bt Mohamed Ismail (Anisa)
Recognized for her contribution toward intercultural understanding abroad, she now
strives to go beyond clenching an award towards making it a reality in Malaysia.

• Indrani a/p Kopal (Indrani)
A hormonal imbalance didn’t stop her from becoming an award-winning video
journalist, striving to improve social and living standards through her job.

• Michael Teoh Su Lim (Michael)
Once a ‘victim’ of bullies, he now leads and inspires the lives of many through
leadership conferences, and community projects in New Zealand, flying the
Malaysian flag proudly.

• Nyanamambiga a/p Ugjayan (Abby)
Creative and passionate, she raises money for her needy family through arts & crafts
and tuition classes despite struggling from a muscular disorder.

• Prakash a/l Suriyamurthy (Prakash)
Despite being blind, he has persevered to becoming a renowned translator who is
now pursuing a Masters of Translation at a local university.

• Ummul Khairiyah bt Abdul Rahman (Ummul)
Not one to be despised, she rocketed to becoming a prosperous entrepreneur at the
tender age of 19 and now is teaching, impacting and inspiring many others.
The other candidates for Youth Friendly Company of the Year were as follows:

ARTS-ED or better known as Anak Anak Kota, is a community-based arts and
heritage program that seeks to explore and provides innovative and non-formal arts
an heritage education for young people through collaboration with local and regional
arts educators, artists and local communities via visual arts, drama, music, video etc
to interpret their notion of heritage.

• Life College
This is a college not driven by profits, but was birthed out of the desire to see young
people’s lives transformed through education. They see young people as the future
leaders and are committed to develop their minds, skills, emotional strength and
character, through the day-to-day classes, camps and talks. They aim to equip the
students for life, not just academically.

• RECOM.ORG emerged out of a dream to contribute to Malaysian students. Creating a
platform for a community of students to exchange ideas and experiences in studentsrelated
issues, many have benefited with regards to their scholarship applications,
through useful ‘tips & tricks’ and the various connections built with campuses

SPICES (Support for Parents, Infants & Children through Early Services) was
founded by the late Mabel Tan in year 1997, convinced that the solution to help
children effectively was by paying purposeful attention to children with special needs,
as these were the ones who were often neglected by the community.

Members of the public were encouraged to vote for both categories via text messaging from
5 October – 2 November. The Awards culminated in a grand finale during the AYA Awards
Gala Night today at the KL Performing Arts Centre (KLPac), attended by over 500 people.
The multi-racial line-up of performances included an opening Deafbeat (a group of deaf
drummers), Kumpulan Tarian Mahkota Perpaduan (from JPNIN), Ravi Shanker & team, AYA
Choir Project debut with Mia Palencia, and Lightbulb Productions & Flava Fresh.

Bio-entrepreneurship: Driving the New Economy

The 21st century has been widely touted as a century for the renaissance of the ‘New Biology’ in the form of life science and biotechnology. Asia is currently a source of global economic growth where the demand for bio0based products for food, feed, fiber and industrial materials is fast growing. Putting all these together gives an exciting mix for innovation and entrepreneurship. Malaysia realized these opportunity and has a forward looking biotechnology policy in place which was launched in 2005.

The Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre (MABIC) and Malaysian Bio Industry Organization (MBIO) are jointly organizing a seminar on “Bioentrepreneurship: Driving the New Economy”. This seminar is hosted by University Kuala Lumpur and is in conjunction with the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) which is a global initiative to inspire young people to embrace innovation and creativity.
The seminar will feature industry players from Synamatix Sdn Bhd (a bioinformatics company with global presence), Infovalley Sdn Bhd (a BioIT company), StemLife Sdn Bhd (the pioneer in stem cell banking and therapy), and a scientists from Forest Research Institute Malaysia who has successfully created many entrepreneurs producing planting materials from tissue culture. Dr. Arif Anwar, Mr. Mathavan Chandran, Ms. Su Hu Yong, and Dr. Kodiswaran Kandasamy will speak on the various opportunities available in biobusiness based on their scope of business, starting up biobusiness, the challenges, potential, the needs of the business, and what it takes to be successful in this area.

The details of the seminar is as below:
Date: 19th Nov 2008

Time: 8.30am – 2pm

Venue: Dewan Bestari, University Kuala Lumpur

Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

For more information, please call Mr. Liew Kong Cheng: 016 3681987 or email: [email protected]