Popular Silicon Valley conference Failcon announces its first show in Asia

FailCon, a popular Silicon Valley conference on common business failures and how to recover from them, is coming to Singapore on Monday, October 15th. This is the first time the international conference has touched down in Asia; other cities to host this international event include San Francisco, Sydney, Paris, Brazil, and Singapore.
The event attracts 500 founders and investors to its USA event, and hopes to draw over 250 attendees to Singapore.
The Singapore edition welcomes speakers from around world including the Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, the US and more. The speaker lineup includes entrepreneurs and investors from Banyan Tree Holdings Limited (Singapore), Lithium Technologies (Silicon Valley), Icanhascheeseburger (Seattle), Xanga (Hong Kong), POPs Worldwide(Vietnam), Nusantara Ventures (Indonesia), i/o Ventures  (San Francisco), Golden Gate Ventures (Singapore), Crystal Horse Investments (Singapore) and more.
Sponsors and partners for the event include Singapore’s National Research Foundation (NRF), Tech Venture, Soft Layer, Right Scale and Eventbrite.
About Failcon
FailCon was started in 2009 by Cass Phillipps, an event planner for startup events and Diane Loviglio, founder of a cleantech startup.
Kristine Lauria, Adrianna Tan, Justin Hall and Vinnie Lauria are proud to bring FailCon to Singapore.Through Failcon, Cass and her co-organizers hope to change the global opinion of failure. Founders and investors alike tend to shy away from discussions on failure, especially in Asia. But the lifestyle of an entrepreneur is wrought with small failures and mistakes. FailCon gives people a platform to share these lessons learned in a safe and productive environment.
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