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Part 2 – Q & A: Who backs the IBM Global Entrepreneurs Programme? What makes a Winning Startup?

Part 2: Looking for Grants? Funding? Mentors? A Global Backing from the Largest Company? A Global Network and Market Access? Then IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Programme is best for you. 

IBM announced the launch of the inaugural IBM SmartCamp Kickstart ASEAN programme last month. Facilitated by IBM, the exclusive event is designed to identify early stage entrepreneurs who are developing business ventures that align with IBM Smarter Planet vision. SmartCamp KickStart events are part of IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program. Find out more on how you can be a part of this movement as we chat with IBM’s ISV and Developer’s team on how they can support your next startup aspirations.

1)      Among those entrepreneurs in the past who have applied and succeeded with the IBM SmartCamp project, what qualities did they posses which made them and their ventures successful in the first place?

All the winners of the SmartCamps were:

–      Passionate and committed

–      Believers – believed in themselves and working hard

–      Willing to invest

–      Able to monetize their technology and make smart decisions on when to go to market, and when to invest in development

2)      It was mentioned on IBM SmartCamp’s website that, selected applicants would gain the opportunity to network with other world-class entrepreneurs to fellow investors. Could you name some of the prominent entrepreneurs who are supporting the IBM SmartCamp initiative?

Our past SmartCamp World Finalists are prominent entrepreneurs.

Examples: 2010 winners

  • Streetline – enables smarter parking through sensor-enabled mobile and web applications
  • Profitero – analyzes online competitive information for retailers

3)      Could you also share some names of the investors or the investment houses which have been involved with the participants from IBM SmartCamp in bringing their products and business to greater heights?

  • Walden International
  • Sequoia Capital
  • Teak Capital
  • Quest VC
  • Crystal Horse

4)      In the minds of many, IBM is the giant behind the software and computing industry. What has IBM done through this SmartCamp project to help businesses bring their projects to the next stage?

IBM SmartCamp is a part of a bigger initiative called IBM Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP). It is through GEP that we plan to create market access to help businesses grow beyond their home country. In addition to IBM’s partner ecosystem around the world, providing local insights to the country which the business plan to access, we also have the IBM Innovation Centers which the businesses could take advantage of to collaborate and showcase their solutions.

End of Part 2 

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### Special thanks to IBM Malaysia for collaborating with to provide an in-depth interview with the leadership team behind the Global Entrepreneurs Programme in our joint efforts to help Entrepreneurs Grow ### 

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