Part 1 – Q & A: Why is IBM Grooming the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs and Startups?

Part 1: Looking for Grants? Funding? Mentors? A Global Backing from the Largest Company? A Global Network and Market Access? Then IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Programme is best for you. 

IBM announced the launch of the inaugural IBM SmartCamp Kickstart ASEAN programme last month. Facilitated by IBM, the exclusive event is designed to identify early stage entrepreneurs who are developing business ventures that align with IBM Smarter Planet vision. SmartCamp KickStart events are part of IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program. Find out more on how you can be a part of this movement as we chat with IBM’s ISV and Developer’s team on how they can support your next startup aspirations.

1)      What are the main objectives for IBM to organize this SmartCamp project here for entrepreneurs inMalaysia?

The objective is to help develop the entrepreneur space inMalaysia and across the world. IBM aims to continue to be a part of the entrepreneur ecosystem by providing guidance with Sales/ Marketing/ Industry and Technology roadmap and simultaneously, giving access to leading edge infrastructure solutions and platforms for the entrepreneurs to best leverage the existing ecosystem and drive greater market presence through this leverage.

2)      We can see that the IBM SmartCamp initiative is an innovative approach used by IBM to reach out to entrepreneurs and help them to succeed. In summary, what defines a successful business venture or a startup in the eyes of IBM, especially related to the SmartCamp programme?

A successful business is innovative and addresses specific everyday problems on business or of consumers.  At the same time, it is an easily replicable solution, and addresses as wide a portfolio of clients as possible. Most startups tend to fall in love with their technology and pay lesser attention to marketing and sales.  A successful venture will have all-round skills and be a leveraged business.

3)      As the organizers for IBM SmartCamp inMalaysia, what qualities should these entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs have that would make them stand out in the programme?

From the perspective of technopreneurs: they must recognize that in today’s markets, IT has gone way beyond solving the typical IT problems – it is being leveraged in every day life and is something that is becoming more mainstream than ever before.  Clients do not buy hardware of infrastructure solutions.  They buy solutions to solve their business/ consumption problems and they want them today. Entrepreneurs/technopreneurs provide the critical business application piece.

To provide the highest value to the entrepreneur, the solution must involve three “i”: instrumented, interconnected and intelligence.

Instrumented – there must be an automatic data collection point (the ability to measure, sense and see the exact condition of everything)

Interconnected – where these instruments arrive at a common point of control, with multiple devices connected to each other (where people, systems and objects can communicate and interact with each other in entirely new ways)

Intelligent– where the solution draws upon the data from these multiple interconnected devices, and collates the information to facilitate easy or automated decision-making that helps improve efficiency, productivity and consistency (where we can respond to changes quickly and accurately, and get better results by predicting and optimizing for future events)


End of Part 1 

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