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‘Angels & Dragons’ Investors Arrive Online in Malaysia!
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Malaysia Entrepreneurs and sister community, Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia is supporting the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Malaysia’s flagship event – Angels & Dragons, organised by entrepreneurship-training company, Proficeo.

A competition designed to allow budding entrepreneurs to pitch for funding, via a virtual means of communication, before qualifying to pitch for a sum of RM25,000 in front of a panel of investors in real life during the week of GEW in Malaysia. Spearheaded by Proficeo, while being supported by the Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM), the Cradle Investment Programme, MSC Malaysia with supporting communities – Malaysia Entrepreneurs and Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia.

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Additional Details to the Challenge:

‘In an effort to make the competition more attractive and accessible to all budding entrepreneurs across Asia, the rules and regulations have been amended. Please refer to the following.

IMPORTANT – Update to Format and Terms of Angels and Dragons Competition

In view of the request by a significant number of fans and member of the public, the organiser has decided to make it easier for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and Companies to participate and use this event as a leverage to build awareness of their businesses and ideas.

Proficeo has decided on 3 changes to the terms of contest and format of the contest:

1. Making it easier for you to get the prize: Contestants in Stage 1 no longer need to organise a campaign using the box.

All they now need to do is to do something value adding or creative to the box and shoot a 1 minute video about it and upload it at YouTube and linked it to our site via the submission form when you login. Remember to sign up first.

2. The category of business or ideas for business is now OPEN.

The specific categories has been removed. The organiser hopes to provide opportunities for every entrepreneurs to have a go at the prize. So long as you have a Company or you are passionate about your ideas, we love to hear from you. You can be about opening up a photography shop, a software company, a restaurant, it’s your passion. So come show it to us.

3. Angel Investment money acceptance is now optional without forfeiting your participation or if you win, without forfeiting your Winner status.

4. New dates for the competition:

Registration Closing Date: 21st October 2009
Stage 1: Think ‘BOX’ Challenge – 24th August to 23rd October 2009
Stage 2: ‘Elevator Pitch’ Challenge – 24th October 2009 to 16th November 2009
Stage 3: ‘Go All Out’ Challenge @ GEW – 21st November 2009 (Location to be announced

We hope that this important changes will continue to spur your Entrepreneurship Spirit!

Join up now and take up the ‘easy’ challenge!

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