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New Year Resolutions Will Fail, Start Setting Goals Instead

The end of 2013 is here and we are all busy setting new year resolution what we want to do better for 2014. Well, I personally have not done that in year because resolutions are just wishful thinking. I am sure you have done stuff like this year in an year out and achieve nothing. Learn from award winning magician, author and podcaster Brian Brushwood on what he calls the closest thing to real magic in real life, which is setting goals.

Here are some quick takeaway.

  • Write them down
  • Make sure they are quantifiable, meaning you can measure it
  • Set hard datelines
  • Make them visible to you everywhere.

A personal note: One good way to keep your goals is to have some financial stake on it. Use a site like to set goals, appoint a referee and place a wager on it. Stikk will put the money you wager on a the line to a negative charity if you fail your goals. That means a charity that you truly hate will benefit if you fail. Now that is motivation.

image from Brian Brushwood‘s G+