Netbash and Innotech Penang

Netbash and Innotech are two events jointly organized between the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and the New Entrepreneur Forum (NEF) on the 25th and 26th March repectively in Penang. The purpose of this joint event is to equip new start-ups, business decision makers, and implementers with a wide range of skills and new ideas on adoption of Web 2.0 technologies as well as training on best practices in approaching further funding for ones business.

Recently spoke to event manager Roni Mustafa from NEF about what is Netbash and Innotech.

Q. Tell us what is Netbash and Innotech
A. The event is a learning platform that helps participants of various backgrounds (including but not exclusive to students, entrepreneurs, NGO’s, Government etc) to experience various technology related topics surrounding Web2.0 and its various applications. Participants can also enrich their knowledge base and skill sets on entrepreneurial topics as well as gain an edge on how to pitch to VC’s through training and hands on workshops.

Q. How does these event promote entrepreneurship in Penang
A. As stated above, Entrepreneurs will be exposed and trained on pitching techniques that can be used to seek funding and better promote their business.

Q. What is the different and what shall a small business owners and entrepreneur make their way to this event?
A. The lessons learned on Web2.0 technologies and applications can be put to use to diversify their current offerings and develop new ways to target their market.

Q. In your opinion what is web2.0…
A. Web2.0 is a platform that promotes colloboration, community and culture. Colloboration is working in tandem with others using technologies such as GoogleDocs/Zoho etc. Community is your online family and beyond through things like facebook, Linkedin and other social networks. Culture is the spreading of ideas, information and personality through blogs, tweets (micro-blogging e.g. twitter) and a variety of other web2.0 tools.

This time around, the organizing committee have invited a few speakers of Netbash includes, Bob Chua of Pulse, Daniel CerVentus (myself,founder of, Devan of Evelyn and many more.

For those who are in Penang do join Malaysia Entrepreneurs at Netbash and our own Malaysia Entrepreneur meet up at Starbucks Queen Bay mall

Register yourself at

Note: the writer was involved in the Netbash during WCIT 2008 where we brought in Guy Kawasaki.

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